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About studies

The company means people, infrastructure, financial and material resources. It takes knowledge and imagination to manage it all. At Vistula University in Warsaw, we educate people who want to take responsibility for the company. Studies in the field of Management will allow you to become a successful leader. Our specialties will teach how to effectively manage capital, time, people’s skills and entire projects. Working under the guidance of our outstanding experts, you will gain thorough and practical knowledge in the fields of economics, finance and accounting, law and marketing. You will learn about the latest trends in management and develop social skills and competences necessary to manage companies and non-profit institutions efficiently. You will also be well prepared pursue self-employed economic activities. Our renowned lecturers and business practitioners will help you develop your hard and soft skills. You will learn resilience and flexibility as well as develop your strategic and organizational skills. We will teach you how to set goals and mobilize people. We will also help you understand the concept of mission and corporate responsibility. During your studies, we will actively support your entrepreneurship. You will gain experience during internships in domestic and foreign companies. You will find that management is both a craft and an art.

Studies in Management at Vistula University in Warsaw will give you not only a diploma, but also prestige. With us you will start the adventure of a lifetime that will give you adrenaline boost and a lot of satisfaction. After graduation, you will be able to pursue your dream career as a manager in a chosen specialty.

The Management field of study at Vistula University in Warsaw has been awarded the prestigious international accreditation of the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC), which is a leading, independent, specialized institution awarding accreditation in the area of project management, as well as study programs offered by higher education institutions all over the world. This accreditation is a proof of our University’s deep commitment to the idea of continuous improvement as regards the quality of our study programs in the area of project management. Our graduates in the field of Management can benefit from the highest standards of education, access to the most up-to-date knowledge, teaching materials related to project management as well as exchanges with the best business universities.

Students can also choose a CIMA-accredited programme. Thanks to the accreditation, they can gain competences during the teaching process, – which are recognised all over the world – and are the most sought-after and up-to-date in the area of ​​finance and management. and students will be able to take advantage of exemptions from CIMA exams, as well. They will also gain access to scholarships.
For more information on CIMA.

Due to the double degree agreement between Vistula University and the Centria University of Applied Sciences in Finland, our students of the Management first-degree study program, Business Management specialty, can study at our partner university for two semesters and as a result obtain a Bachelor’s degree from both universities.

The costs of one or even two semesters at our partner university can be financed under the Erasmus + program, provided that students meet the university-wide criteria and submit their application according to the defined time-schedule.

Centria University of Applied Sciences is a dynamic, international university on the west coast of Finland. Study programs are delivered in English.

Finland is famous for the highest-level education and very good living conditions. Diplomas obtained at Finnish universities are not only recognized, but also highly valued all over the world.

Our partner is also London South Bank University (LSBU). The programme implemented at Vistula, is authorised by the London University, in terms of maintaining the same standards and quality of education.

Field specialties

You will receive all information necessary to work in the sales and marketing departments. You will learn how to develop and implement marketing programs, prepare reports on current activities and cooperate with marketing service providers. You will get familiar with the most effective selling techniques and learn how to build and manage sales teams.

This specialty will allow you to learn how to effectively acquire and develop the human capital in an organization. You will gain knowledge on recruitment and selection, on motivating staff, periodic evaluation and comprehensive employee development. You will get familiar with the so-called hard HR and the principles of its implementation.

This specialty will prepare you to manage your own business or a department in any organization. You will learn how to conduct strategic analyzes and create and implement the strategy and policy of an organization in a dynamic, multicultural business environment. In addition, the Business Management specialty will teach you proven methods of managing people and budgets, as well as communication with clients and partners.

If you want to manage projects, this specialty will give you the necessary knowledge in this area. You will learn how to perform project support functions and manage them comprehensively: from initial analysis, through planning, to implementation and subsequent evaluation.

This specialisation is accredited by CIMA for ‘Chartered Global Management Accountant’ exam. CGMA is one of the most well-known professional qualifications and increases your employability beyond Poland. It opens the door to globally operating firms anywhere in the world, as it combines the financial knowledge with business decision making skills. Those who successfully complete the courses under this specialisation will be exempted from three CGMA operational level exams and proceed to CIMA’s Operational Case Study Exam. Upon the successful passing of the Case Study Exam, you will receive Diploma in Management Accounting from CIMA, which entitles you to enter CGMA Management Level.

The study program

The Management field of study at Vistula University has been designed to provide our students with the knowledge and skills ensuring the best possible preparation to immediately start a career in this area. Our specialties will allow you to gain practical knowledge and become a specialist in a chosen field.

Advantages of studying Management

PMI GAC Accreditation

PMI GAC supports change and progress, both in the project management discipline and in management in general. Graduates of our accredited specialty have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their chosen profession.

PMI GAC Accreditation

Double diploma with Centria University

Vistula students who follow the Business Management specialty can study at Centria University in Finland for two semesters and, as a result, obtain a Bachelor’s degree from both universities.

Double diploma with Centria University

Double diploma with LSBU

Thanks to cooperation with London South Bank University, you can pursue a Polish-British study programme, with a Double Diploma in Management. The programme implemented at Vistula, is authorised by the London University, in terms of maintaining the same standards and quality of education.

Double diploma with LSBU

Knowledge and competences required on the labour market

Apart from the theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of management, students will also develop their soft skills. You will learn teamwork and effective communication skills. You will be able to take part in negotiations, persuade others, think creatively and critically.

Knowledge and competences required on the labour market

Cooperation with business

Already during your studies, you will start your adventure with business. Thanks to Vistula’s cooperation with economic partners and the Social and Business Council, you will gain access to attractive internships. You will meet PwC experts – a leading consulting company. During their classes, you will gain practical knowledge on counteracting money laundering and financing terrorism. You will learn about the processes of getting to know the customer, searching for data in available sources of economic information, transaction analysis and verification in terms of international sanctions.

Cooperation with business

Online studies

The Management Bachelor’s degree study program is also available in an online mode. It is a modern form of studying carried out at Vistula University with the use of the latest ICT technologies

 Online studies

Strategy games

One of the solutions supporting the didactic process are strategic games, thanks to which new skills are shaped while using the acquired knowledge. The REVAS game allows you to manage a virtual company from a selected industry and make real business decisions. Thanks to cooperation with the Foundation of the Warsaw Institute of Banking, you can also use the Score Hunter financial management game. It is a tool that allows you to gain practical knowledge about financial credibility and personal data protection.

Strategy games

CIMA accreditation

The program’s accreditation by CIMA provides a guarantee that during the studies students gain competences recognized around the world as the most sought after and up-to-date in the field of management accounting. Students can also be exempted from selected CIMA exams required to gain the title of the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA).

CIMA accreditation

HR Global Trends scientific club

In this scientific club, you can develop your interests in the field of human resource management. You will gain professional competence and learn about global trends, take part in sessions and scientific trips, workshops, and meetings with domestic and foreign specialists in the HR industry. You will be supported in the implementation of initiatives undertaken in the country and abroad in order to acquire new knowledge and skills.

HR Global Trends scientific club


Professional prospects

After graduating in Management, you can work in various types of companies, international corporations, non-governmental organizations, advertising agencies and market research agencies. The area in which you will develop will depend on your chosen specialty.



After graduating in the MARKETING AND SALES specialty you can work as:

  • marketing specialist,
  • sales specialist,
  • customer service specialist,
  • sales representative.


After graduating in the Business Management specialty, you can work: 

  • in a managerial position at a local, regional or global organization level,
  • you can start and run your own business.


After graduating in the managerial accounting specialty you can work as:

  • accountants,
  • financial analysts,
  • financial managers.


After graduating in the Human Resource Management specialty, you can work as:

  • HR and payroll specialist,
  • specialist in recruitment and HR projects,
  • specialist in human resource management.


After graduating in the Project Management in Organisations with PMI GAC accreditation specialty, you can work as:

  • project manager,
  • project specialist.

Student internships and job placements

The study program is an excellent opportunity to acquire not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. You will gain valuable experience by taking up internships and job placements in leading companies we cooperate with. Thanks to this, you will take your first steps in the profession and enhance your CV. You will uncover the specific character of working in your selected area. You will meet new people and make valuable contacts. This experience will open many professional opportunities for you. You will get an exciting and highly paid job in Management.

Price list

How to reduce your tuition fees?

Vistula Universities offer a rich scholarship system that will allow you to substantially reduce the cost of education. You can apply for a social scholarship, scholarship for academic performance, sports and artistic achievements, and an allowance. We also offer various promotions. You can benefit from them.

Check the available options
How to reduce your tuition fees?

Our Staff

Iwona Berlińska-Konopka, MA

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PhD Pierre Dechamps

Maria Gasińska, PhD

Zygmunt Janiec, PhD

Professor Janusz Gudowski

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Prof. Elżbieta Jędrych, PhD

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Magdalena Kaczkowska-Serafińska, PhD

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Agnieszka Knap-Stefaniuk, PhD

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Elżbieta Kopciuszewska, PhD

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Marta Kozak-Gołębiowska, MA

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Artur Kwasek, PhD

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MA Adam Marszewski

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Krzysztof Nowakowski, PhD

Prof. Zbigniew Olesiński, PhD

Prof. Marlena Plebańska, PhD

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Anna Rękawek, MA

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Prof. Krzysztof Rybiński, PhD

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Anna Sabat PhD

Ludmiła Stemplewska PhD

Image for Piotr Wiench, PhD

Piotr Wiench, PhD

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Anna Maria Wiśniewska, PhD

Prof. Piotr F. Borowski, BEng, PhD

mgr Mitchell T. Welle

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How to apply online?

In order to submit an online application, click on the APPLY ONLINE button, which is visible on our website. We also invite you to read the RECRUITMENT information, where the following steps of recruitment are explained in details.

Are there any promotions for new foreign candidates?

Yes, please visit the CANDIDATE – SPECIAL OFFERS website, where you can find details about current promotions for new candidates

Where can I find the price list for studies?

The price list of studies is available on the website related to individual fields of study: https://www.vistula.edu.pl/en/programmes

I am a student, I want to pay for next semester/year.

Please contact: kwestura@vistula.edu.pl from your student e-mail and ask for an invoice.

I am a student, can I pay for my studies at the university?

Yes, you may come to the Bursar’s office, and pay there: by cash or by card.

I want a refund of my money, how do I arrange that?

Please, write to: refund@vistula.edu.pl. Also, please read the contract,  §4, abstract 8-16.

Where can I find the timetable?

The timetable is available in the USOSweb (University Study-Oriented System). The link to the USOSweb is available on the University’s website, in the Intranet tab. Students can see their individual timetable after logging the USOS system.

Where can I find information about the exam session?

Exam session dates are given in the organisation of the academic year. Each lecturer is obliged to inform students about the date of the exam / final test.

How can I collect my student ID card?

Student ID cards for students of the 1st semester can be collected at the reception of the University, the remaining cards should be collected at the Dean’s Office.

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    Selected fields of study

    Finance and Accounting with ACCA

    Finance and Accounting with ACCA


    Full-time Part-time


    Bachelor’s Degree Programme (3-year)

    Language of studies

    English, Polish



    English Studies

    English Studies


    Full-time Part-time


    Bachelor’s Degree Programme (3-year)

    Language of studies




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