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About studies

Vistula University offers English Studies with an extended program of teaching a second foreign language, because in the times of globalization, cultural awareness and command of foreign languages have become key skills. Proficiency in English is especially important as this is the language of politics, business, science and diplomacy. There are 1.5 bln people speaking English in over 100 countries. It is the primary language in international institutions and organizations such as the European Union. English Studies at Vistula University in Warsaw will allow you to develop language competence. During our intensive courses you will gain proficiency in English at C1 level and you will start your adventure with the second selected foreign language, implemented at an advanced level.

If you choose Chinese as the second language during your English Studies, you will be able to join a summer camp in China, learn about the country’s culture and test your own language skills in real-life interactions. If you prefer Spanish, you will be able to take part in our University trips to Spain.

Foreign students can choose Polish as their second language. That will help them acquire the skills necessary in their everyday life in Poland. They will also participate in trips, cultural events and discussion clubs organized by the University employees and cooperating institutions. You can formally confirm your language skills by obtaining the ECL international certificate.

The English Studies program will allow you to develop linguistic competences and skills required in business relations and intercultural communication. We will help you discover the culture, history, literature and the media of both the English-speaking world and of the second foreign language area. You will gain competences in the field of the translation and publishing markets, in the media and organization of cultural events. You will also gain knowledge from the area of marketing and business and develop soft skills, such as ability to facilitate discussions and formulate convincing arguments. You will also get to know rhetorical strategies. We will teach you the principles of teamwork and the basics of international companies’ operation. You will use the acquired knowledge and skills in every area of ​​life – both in business and in media activities.

The study program has a practical profile and is focused on interaction. Classes and seminars are conducted in English. Our supplementary classes will prepare you to operate in an international environment, regardless of the chosen industry. We stand out for our friendly atmosphere and personal approach. All in a dynamic and multicultural environment. Our lecturers are professional translators, cultural managers and employees of the publishing sector.

Our graduate’s English proficiency level is confirmed by the final TOEIC exam allowing students to obtain an internationally recognized certificate.

Philology studies at Vistula University in Warsaw, will enable you to develop professionally in line with your personal interests, regardless of the field or profession you choose.

If you want to apply for the English Studies Bachelor’s degree program, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • pass the English matriculation examination at the advanced level,
  • hold a B1 level English language certificate.

Field specialties

This specialty was developed for those who wish to be part of the global market and get the understanding of the contemporary media as well as of the new means of communication. The program will allow you to experience the dynamics of the media sphere and learn effective communication in business. You will get familiar with the psychology of communication, the new media and the principles of their operation, as well as with the publishing market. You will learn how to effectively write a variety of business texts and how to conduct negotiations.

By choosing this specialty, you will start preparing for the profession of a translator/interpreter. You will learn, among others, business English and how to use it in your professional career. We will also provide you with the necessary skills set and show you the translatory strategies and techniques used in various industries. You will also get well familiar with translation-assisting technologies and learn the strategies and vocabulary used for different types of texts (literature, film, business documents). We will teach you how to use the knowledge of culture and literature of the studied area in everyday translation work. You will be able to understand the manifold references to the cultural context and convey it in the target language.

During your studies you will gain knowledge of the history and cultural diversity of Anglophone countries as well as the internals of the publishing market. We will teach you in-depth analysis of texts from the studied area, including works of literature. You will be able to grasp, analyse and discuss their possible interpretations, which will allow you to apply subtle communication techniques. You will gain the knowledge necessary to recognize and use references to significant events and figures in the history, literature and culture of the Anglophone countries. This will help you communicate more effectively and naturally with the people of those countries. You will learn the theory and develop the skills set of film and literary criticism as well as journalism, which combined with the knowledge of the cultural context (including the literature of the studied area) – will allow you to pursue a career of a journalist, critic, editor, creator or promoter of culture.

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The study program

The English Studies program at Vistula University in Warsaw has a practical profile and is focused on interaction. Practical classes and seminars are conducted in English. During your studies, you will gain practical work experience. You will gain proficiency in English and knowledge of the translation and publishing market, media, organization of cultural events and business. Our supplementary classes will prepare you to operate in an international environment, regardless of the chosen industry.

We constantly strive to ensure the highest quality of education and to make our courses fit students’ expectations. Twice a year, every student can express their opinion on the courses they attend in a dedicated survey. There is also a special commission which regularly visits individual lecturers’ courses and presents recommendations so as to make them even better. All this is supervised by the Faculty Teaching Quality Committee, which includes representatives of lecturers, employers and students. The effectiveness of the system is visible in the results of course visitations which averaged at over 4.9/5 in the 2022/2023 academic year. Similarly, only 4% of students evaluated courses otherwise than good or very good in the student surveys.

Advantages of English Studies

TOEIC and TOEFL (IBT) examination center

Vistula University in Warsaw is a certified TOEIC and TOEFL (IBT) examination center. The Practical English final exam allows you to obtain these certificates.

TOEIC and TOEFL (IBT) examination center

Business preparation

You will learn the economic and legal basis that apply to the work of the translator, publisher or cultural events organizer. These include the key concepts and principles of industrial property and copyright protection.

Business preparation

Competence of a professional translator

You will acquire the skills necessary for reliable translation of written and oral texts in the field of business, specialist and cultural translations. As part of the Internship Consultations workshops, you will meet live or online with people actively working in industries that use a foreign language. As part of a partnership with the University of Negeri Malang in Indonesia, you will attend guest lectures by professors from Java.

Competence of a professional translator

Use of new technologies

New technologies have entered almost all areas of life. During your studies in English Philology, you will learn about computer systems and other tools supporting the work of a translator in the 21st century. You will get to know how to use Trados, one of the most advanced CAT tools, as well as a simultaneous translation booth. You will gain the skills to simultaneously interpret conferences and international meetings.

Use of new technologies

Knowledge of the specifics of culture and media segments

You will learn to navigate new and traditional media, create new content and critically analyze various publications. By engaging in the work of the university magazine “Vistula Monitor”, you will learn the basics of journalism and media studies. You will get to know British theater as part of watching together rebroadcasts of the best shows staged by theaters in Great Britain. You can also deepen your knowledge and interests in the science club Contemporary culture and literature of the Anglosphere.

Knowledge of the specifics of culture and media segments

Friendly atmosphere

Our classes at Vistula University in Warsaw are conducted in a friendly atmosphere. We adopt an individualized approach to students and our workshops, practical classes and seminars are tailored to their interests.

Friendly atmosphere

Multicultural environment

Vistula University is the most internationalized university in Poland according to the Perspektywy 2021 Ranking. Our students and academics create a dynamic, multicultural environment.

Multicultural environment


Professional prospects

English Studies have been designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to start a professional career in your chosen area. The practical approach combined with the wide range of gained competences allow you to develop professionally in a specific area and thus decide about your future. After graduating from English Studies at Vistula University in Warsaw, you become a specialist in English philology. After graduating English Studies with an extended program of teaching a second foreign language, you can find a job suiting your interests and passions as:

  • teacher at a language school,
    editor of portals and English-language press;
  • organizer and manager of cultural events;
  • specialist translator in a translation agency;
  • editor or author of content in the media and / or the publishing industry;
  • organizer of cultural events in the entertainment industry;
  • employee of international companies and corporations;
  • employee of state and non-governmental organizations, educational and cultural institutions.

Student internships and job placements

The English Studies program is an excellent opportunity to acquire not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. You will gain valuable experience by taking up internships and job placements in leading companies we cooperate with. Thanks to this, you will take your first steps in the profession and enhance your CV. You will uncover the specific character of working in your selected area. You will meet new people and make valuable contacts. This experience will open many professional opportunities for you. You will get an exciting and highly paid job.

Price list

How to reduce your tuition fees?

Vistula Universities offer a rich scholarship system that will allow you to substantially reduce the cost of education. You can apply for a social scholarship, scholarship for academic performance, sports and artistic achievements, and an allowance. We also offer various promotions. You can benefit from them.

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How to reduce your tuition fees?

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In order to submit an online application, click on the APPLY ONLINE button, which is visible on our website. We also invite you to read the RECRUITMENT information, where the following steps of recruitment are explained in details.

Are there any promotions for new foreign candidates?

Yes, please visit the CANDIDATE – SPECIAL OFFERS website, where you can find details about current promotions for new candidates

Where can I find the price list for studies?

The price list of studies is available on the website related to individual fields of study: https://www.vistula.edu.pl/en/programmes

I am a student, I want to pay for next semester/year.

Please contact: kwestura@vistula.edu.pl from your student e-mail and ask for an invoice.

I am a student, can I pay for my studies at the university?

Yes, you may come to the Bursar’s office, and pay there: by cash or by card.

I want a refund of my money, how do I arrange that?

Please, write to: refund@vistula.edu.pl. Also, please read the contract,  §4, abstract 8-16.

Where can I find the timetable?

The timetable is available in the USOSweb (University Study-Oriented System). The link to the USOSweb is available on the University’s website, in the Intranet tab. Students can see their individual timetable after logging the USOS system.

Where can I find information about the exam session?

Exam session dates are given in the organisation of the academic year. Each lecturer is obliged to inform students about the date of the exam / final test.

How can I collect my student ID card?

Student ID cards for students of the 1st semester can be collected at the reception of the University, the remaining cards should be collected at the Dean’s Office.

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