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About studies

The Master’s degree program in field of Computer Engineering at Vistula University in Warsaw is a way to gain expert knowledge and develop a career in the IT sector with a prospect of taking up managerial positions in the industry. Completion of our program will allow you to expand the knowledge acquired during your Bachelor’s or engineering studies. You will learn to design wireless networks or mobile applications and gain competences that will allow you to manage projects or lead your own IT team. During your studies, you will learn how to use advanced wireless technologies in an organization and design mobile applications for the needs of companies and their products.

During the Master’s degree studies in Computer Engineering at Vistula University, you will gain knowledge in the area of optimization along with the ability to use the R language. We will teach you how to apply the knowledge of algorithms to solve problems related to wireless networks designing and programming of mobile devices. You will gain new competences in project profitability and project management.

Microsoft’s DreamSpark, Oracle OAI, and CISCO Local Academy education programs will teach you how to translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills. You will learn how to use design and development tools.

During the Master’s degree studies in Computer Engineering at Vistula University in Warsaw, our academic lecturers who are recognized experts in the IT industry will provide you with sound practical knowledge. We believe that experience and the ability to use the acquired information are the key to success. Consequently, our Master’s degree study program in Computer Engineering includes internships which will help you consolidate the acquired knowledge and become a self-confident specialist. You will gain a chance to make valuable business contacts.

The Faculty Institute of Computer Engineering organizes regular monthly meetings – Scientific Seminars that will give you an opportunity to join research in the field of computer science and its applications in various fields.

Master’s degree studies in Computer Engineering at Vistula University in Warsaw will provide you with the necessary knowledge thanks to which you will quickly become a specialist in this area.


Master’s degree studies in the field of Computer Engineering are addressed to graduates of engineering studies in the area of technical sciences in the field of Computer Engineering or similar, such as telecommunications or electronics. Candidates are asked to present a diploma certifying the completion of such studies.

A defined number of candidates is required to start the field of study.

Field specialties

The industry is currently experiencing an acute shortage of data analysis and data application specialists. According to forecasts, there will be a growing gap between the industry demand and the availability of qualified graduates. So, if you are interested in this area of ​​knowledge, you can start preparing for a very promising and well-paid professional career. During your studies, you will receive specialized education combining both theoretical knowledge and practical experience delivered by world-class scientists, engineers and mentors. In addition to courses on Data Analytics, Python Problem Solving, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence Methods, and Deep Machine Learning, our study program offers seminars and hands-on practical classes to complement your theoretical and technical knowledge with key aspects of practical business competency. This way, you will gain a unique set of skills meeting the expectations and demands of the world’s leading companies.

A defined number of candidates is required to start the specialty.

This program is designed to meet the industry-specific needs of companies and impact excellent skill set to the technical teams in the domain of data science. You can empower and prepare yourself for the next generation jobs with the power of data science.

There is a shortage of skilled data scientists to meet business needs today and the gap is set to widen in the future. With our customized training, you can fill this gap by getting yourself trained by scientists and engineers. The program will provide you most essential skills and tools that are needed in the top notch companies in the world.

Our program offers Data Analytics, Python, Data Visualization, Applied Machine Learning and Deep Learning courses which will equip you with the most recent technologies that will prepare you for the job market.

The study program of this specialty will prepare you to work in the field of cybersecurity and reliability management of information systems and industrial control systems. You will gain knowledge in the field of risk analysis and get acquainted with the theoretical foundations and computer programs used in reliability analysis. You will develop the practical skill of using specialized software for reliability calculations and of interpreting the results of the calculations. We will teach you to design and test information systems as well as industrial control systems for cyber security and reliability. You will also be able to manage cyber security and reliability of IT and industrial systems. Modern companies are looking for these unique skills!

The specialty is conducted in cooperation with ICCSS (International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security – www.iccss.eu)

A defined number of candidates is required to start the specialty.

This specialty will prepare you for planning and predicting the development of a wireless network as well as maintenance and development of infrastructure in organizations. You will gain knowledge in the area of developing ICT solutions and wireless connectivity in companies providing ICT services. You will learn the best practice in cooperation with suppliers and subcontractors within building and extension a wireless network as well as supervision and verification of subscriber installations. You will develop practical skills in protocol design, energy and other resources management. We will teach you how to use collaboration algorithms in distributed systems as well as in security and information exchange integrity systems in a hostile environment.

A defined number of candidates is required to start the specialty.

This specialty will equip you with the skills necessary to become a mobile applications programmer or a designer working in the environment of the most popular operating systems of mobile devices: Android, Windows Phone and iOS. You can become an architecture and API specialist for core mobile platforms. You’ll learn about:

  • techniques for locating mobile devices;
  • principles of designing systems and databases for mobile platforms; website design technologies for mobile devices;
  • Adaptive UI technologies;
  • technologies for integrating applications with cloud computing;
  • principles of operation of software design tool environments for mobile devices;
  • applications of mobile systems.

A defined number of candidates is required to start the specialty.

The study program

The Master’s degree study program in the field of Computer Engineering at Vistula University in Warsaw has been specially developed to help our graduates become experts within their specialties so that they can easily find themselves in the labour market. As our courses are conducted by professional practitioners and experienced lecturers, you will learn to manage projects and gain an opportunity to hold expert or managerial positions in company structures.

Advantages of studying Computer Engineering

High position of the field in the Perspektywy 2022 ranking

The Computer Engineering field of study at Vistula University in Warsaw holds the 2nd position among all non-public universities providing such studies in Poland, according to the Perspektywy University Ranking 2022.

High position of the field in the Perspektywy 2022 ranking

The leader of the ranking of the most profitable fields of study

In the ranking of the 15 most profitable fields of study in Warsaw, Computer Engineering (a part-time Master’s Degree Programme) was ranked in 1st place amongst non-public universities, and 4th amongst all universities in Warsaw. Computer Engineering graduates of Vistula University find a job immediately after graduation, and their gross monthly salary is PLN 9,557.7. Unemployment in this group is 0%. The ranking was based on a survey conducted by the Information Processing Center of the National Research Institute.

The leader of the ranking of the most profitable fields of study

Analytical thinking

During your studies you will develop both synthetic and analytical thinking skills, which are key to the profession of a programmer. You will combine them with specialist knowledge and learn to solve problems effectively.

Analytical thinking

Attractive specialties

You can choose one of the four specialties available in the field of Computer Engineering. They have been developed in response to the labour market demands and thus will allow you to gain valuable knowledge in a specific area.

Attractive specialties

Great career prospects

Upon graduation you will be a holder of a Master’s degree, which will give you an advantage in the IT industry and enhance your position in the labour market. That can be a door opener to the best job offers and higher earnings.

Great career prospects

Professional staff

You will study under the tutelage of our outstanding lecturers and practitioners who have extensive industry and partnership experience. This way, you will establish contacts with future employers.

Professional staff

Practice and experience

We believe that experience as well as the ability to use the acquired knowledge in practice is the key to success. Therefore, our study program of Computer Engineering at Master’s level includes internships that will allow you to consolidate your newly acquired knowledge and become a self-confident specialist.

Practice and experience

International environment

You will study in an international environment – Vistula University in Warsaw ranks 1st among the most internationalized universities in Poland. You will meet great people and broaden your horizons.

International environment


Professional prospects

After completing the Master’s degree study program in the field of Computer Engineering, you can gain employment opportunities in many interesting industries:

  • medicine (e.g. remote monitoring of patients’ condition: Health Insurance Portability);
  • military technology;
  • environmental protection and safety (with the use of wireless alarm sensors: pollution, pressure, smoke, noise, etc.);
  • industrial plants of various industries (fast control and measurement data transmission from places of limited access);
  • research, protection and monitoring of the natural environment (e.g., monitoring the movements of different animal species);
  • development and implementation of modern solutions in the area of wireless networks and automation systems of intelligent buildings (sample wireless control systems in a building: lighting, blinds, heating, motion detection, failure detection, etc.);
  • property protection and road and air traffic control (e.g., unmanned flying systems);
  • supporting social networks and entertainment;
  • multi-robotics;
  • network-centric systems;
  • car communication (communication technologies: V2V – Vehicle-to-Vehicle, V2I – Vehicle-to-Infrastructure).

Internships and job placements

The study program is an excellent opportunity to acquire not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. You will gain valuable experience by taking up internships and job placements in leading companies we cooperate with. Thanks to this, you will take your first steps in the profession and enhance your CV. You will uncover the specific character of working in your selected area. You will meet new people and make valuable contacts. This experience will open many professional opportunities for you. You will get an exciting and highly paid job.

Price list

NOTE! New prices for foreign students, effective from the winter semester 2023/2024 – MORE INFORMATION HERE

How to reduce your tuition fees?

Vistula Universities offer a rich scholarship system that will allow you to substantially reduce the cost of education. You can apply for a social scholarship, scholarship for academic performance, sports and artistic achievements, and an allowance. We also offer various promotions. You can benefit from them.

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How to reduce your tuition fees?

Our Staff

Tomasz Bartczak, BEng, PhD

Iwona Dolińska, BEng, PhD

Soma Dutta, PhD

Prof. Maciej Janowicz, PhD

Prof. Ryszard Kozera, PhD

Bartłomiej Kubica, BEng, PhD

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Mirosław Lisiecki, BEng, MSc

Aleksandra Pędrak, PhD

Dariusz Strzęciwilk, BEng, PhD

Marcin Wawryszczuk, BEng, PhD

Artur Wiliński, BEng, PhD

Mariusz Zawadzki, MA

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In order to submit an online application, click on the APPLY ONLINE button, which is visible on our website. We also invite you to read the RECRUITMENT information, where the following steps of recruitment are explained in details.

Are there any promotions for new foreign candidates?

Yes, please visit the CANDIDATE – SPECIAL OFFERS website, where you can find details about current promotions for new candidates

Where can I find the price list for studies?

The price list of studies is available on the website related to individual fields of study: https://www.vistula.edu.pl/en/programmes

I am a student, I want to pay for next semester/year.

Please contact: kwestura@vistula.edu.pl from your student e-mail and ask for an invoice.

I am a student, can I pay for my studies at the university?

Yes, you may come to the Bursar’s office, and pay there: by cash or by card.

I want a refund of my money, how do I arrange that?

Please, write to: refund@vistula.edu.pl. Also, please read the contract,  §4, abstract 8-16.

Where can I find the timetable?

The timetable is available in the USOSweb (University Study-Oriented System). The link to the USOSweb is available on the University’s website, in the Intranet tab. Students can see their individual timetable after logging the USOS system.

Where can I find information about the exam session?

Exam session dates are given in the organisation of the academic year. Each lecturer is obliged to inform students about the date of the exam / final test.

How can I collect my student ID card?

Student ID cards for students of the 1st semester can be collected at the reception of the University, the remaining cards should be collected at the Dean’s Office.

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