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‘Spring for Life’: a photographic and film competition

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Spring represents life, beauty, and optimism. Its beginning is celebrated in all the countries of the world. We also want to emphasise its advent. So, the Vistula School of Hospitality and Vistula University are inviting their students to take part in the ‘Spring for Life’ photographic and film competition. The winners will receive materials and cash prizes.

The idea of the ‘Spring for Life’ competition is to promote cultural diversity, family values, develop artistic sensitivity, and present students’ creativity in the field of photography and film. It is about presenting different traditions related to spring. Customs and rituals are different, but their source is the same in all countries – joy, because that’s what spring brings. After all, people from across the globe are similar, and also have similar needs. Today, the most important thing is to live in peace. After the Russian aggression against Ukraine, this need has been emphasised, particularly strongly.

We hope the war will end soon. Ukraine will then revive and return to normal, along with its traditions and values, inherited from previous generations that define its identity.

The following should be submitted as competition entries:

  • a series of up to 9 photographs, presenting the traditions of individual countries, related to spring awakening rituals. Photos must be in JPG format. The long side of the photo should be no less than 4,500 pixels;
  • short, max. 1-minute film in mp4 format, with a minimum of 3 shots presenting the traditions of individual countries, related to spring rituals, which, in turn, are related to waking up.

It is not allowed to:

  • use photomontages that combine elements of a photo from different files;
  • process photos with filters that can significantly change the overall shape of the presented object;
  • place signatures on a photo or film, as well as pasting the author’s graphic symbols.

All entries, with a given name, should be independent and enriched with a text description – up to one A4 page in Polish and/ or English.

The entries will be assessed by the jury and the audience.

Voting will take place on-line, on survio.com – from May the 14th from 01:00, to May the 19th, up to 23:59. From one e-mail address, it will only be possible to cast one vote for one competition entry. You can only use e-mail addresses that belong within the vistula.edu.pl domain.


  • acceptance of entries; by May the 6th, 2022;
  • appointment of the jury and evaluation of the submitted photographs: May the 10th, 2022;
  • publication of works for the public: May the 10th, 2022;
  • final (gala) of the on-line competition for MS Teams, which includes: official speeches by special guests, presentation of competition works, live voting of the jury members, and a summary of the audience vote, with the awarding of prizes: May the 20th, 2022, at 8 p.m.

Competition entries should be sent by e-mail to the following address: ddabek1@stu.vistula.edu.pl with the annotation ‘Spring for life’.

We cordially invite you to participate!


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