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Institute of Research in the discipline of History

The director of the Institute is Prof. Radosław Lolo, PhD

The main research directions of the Institute, which employs a total of 14 people, including three full professors, are:

  • history of Mazovia from the Middle Ages to the 20th century;
  • history and archaeology of the early Middle Ages;
  • medieval history of Central and Eastern Europe;
  • historical and museum education;
  • Christianity in Poland 10th-XX century;
  • ancient history: republican Rome, biblical history and archaeology;
  • history of the national minorities: German, Belarusian and Tatar.

The Institute’s achievements include:


  • The first synthesis of the history of Mazovia: Vol. I (until 1526), ​​edited by H. Samsonowicz, Vol. II (1562-1794), Vol. III (1795-1918), edited by J. Szczepański, Vol. IV (1918-1939), edited by J. Szczepański, Vol. V (1939-1945), edited by A. Koseski.
  • Dzieje Pułtuska: Vol. I (until 1795), edited by R. Lolo and H. Samsonowicz – Liber Masoviae award in 2017; Vol. II (1795-1989), edited by A. Kosecki and J. Szczepański.
  • Rusinowa, Emigracja oraz Kościół katolicki w Stanach Zjednoczonych w XIX wieku, Pułtusk 2018.
  • Pierwsze wieki chrześcijaństwa w Polsce: do 1200 roku, edited by J. Tyszkiewicz and K. Łukawski, Pułtusk 2017.
  • Mazowsza północnego drogi do niepodległości, edited by A. Koseski and J. Szczepański, Pułtusk 2019.
  • Szczepański, Dzieje Gąbina i okolic, Pułtusk 2013.
  • Święty Stanisław Kostka: perspektywa Kościoła powszechnego i płockiego, edited by R. Lolo, Pułtusk-Ciechanów 2018.

Impact on the environment:

  • History guide for high school and technical college, Basic level, class I, ed. WSiP (co-authors M. Faszczs and R. Lolo).
  • Archaeological and ethnographic fieldwork in Mazovia and Podlasie.
  • Constant cooperation with Mazovia museum institutions and local governments.


  • The First Mazovia Researchers Forum (2016) – nationwide.
  • The first centuries of Christianity in Poland (2016) – nationwide.
  • Reformation, counter-reformation, Catholic reform in Mazovia (2017) – nationwide.
  • Northern Mazovia’s road to independence (2018) – nationwide.
  • Saint Stanisław Kostka: the perspective of the universal and Płock Church (2018) – nationwide.
  • Planned international conference: 1920 – historiographic and international aspects.
  • Plans for the future are a further development of the leading research directions, training of young scientific staff, especially based on the Vistula University Doctoral School.
The university implements projects co-financed by the European Union
Vistula University in Pultusk

Vistula University in Pultusk

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