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Sylwia Winiarska, PhD

Sylwia Winiarska, PhD
e-mail: s.winiarska@vistula.edu.pl
Faculty: Business and International Relations
Field of study: International relations

Sylwia Winiarska, PhD, is a graduate of the National Security Faculty of the National Defence Academy in the field of State Security (specialization: social security – ethnicity and nationality in security issues). She obtained her doctoral degree in political science at the Humanities Academy in Pułtusk. Earlier, she received her master’s degree at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economics (specialization: general economics), and the Institute of Oriental Studies (sociology and cultural studies). She conducted field studies in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. She deepened her knowledge on the migration of West African peoples to Central Africa and the development policy of the countries in the region. There, she also conducted field research on the effects of the migration of Hausa peoples to Central African countries.

In 2006-2009, Dr S. Winiarska worked as a chief specialist at the Ministry of Interior and Administration (2006-2007). She coordinated the organization of international conferences on trade and investment promotion in Poland and on Polish investments abroad. In addition, she managed the promotion of e-government and the image of Poland in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. As a government representative on behalf of the Minister of Interior and Administration, Sylwia Winiarska took an active part in meetings of the EU working groups CIP-ICT (Competitiveness and Innovation Programme – Information and Communication Technologies) on EU framework programs supporting innovation development.

Between 2007 and 2009, she worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she supervised the activities of diplomatic missions in Africa and the Middle East and took part in the preparation of negotiation instructions for meetings of working groups at the European Commission (ACP-EU, CIP-ICT, ECOFIN).


Teaching/research interests:

  • non-military areas of international security;
  • socio-cultural determinants of international security;
  • democratic processes and civil society in 2.0 society.
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