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Very high rating of International Relations

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The Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) positively assessed the International Relations faculty of the Vistula University. The concept of education, program, staff, internal quality system and infrastructure were rated “fully” – the second highest in the five-grade scale, and internationalization and support of students in the education process gained the highest “distinguishing” note.

The committee praised, among others the manner in which the faculty uses the opportunities offered by work in a multinational and multilingual group of students. Its recognition was deserved by the number of foreign lecturers including vistiting proffessors, the use of the best international teaching standards, numerous student exchanges, the Foreign Language Center and the emphasis on international and intercultural education.

The Committee also highly assessed the education program – as coherent, with interesting specializations that allow students to develop in a selected area and definitely responding to the needs of employers and institutions dealing with foreign policy. An additional advantage is a rare on the Polish market the parallel learning in Polish and English, which gives students the opportunity to change their language during their studies. PKA also praised the way of examining.

Support for students in the didactic process was assessed as exemplary and individual approach to each student was emphasized. The innovative mentoring program was particularly distinguished. Only the queues to some departments serving students are on the minus. On the other hand, PKA approved the ways in which the direction is used to control and improve quality.

It was also appreciated how International Relations would benefit economic and management sciences, which, according to the Committee, meets the expectations of the labor market. A very positive impression was also made on it by scientific research, including jointly carried out with foreign universities and valuable publications – not only monographs, but also numerous scientific articles. An additional attention deserves the fact that students are engaged in scientific research as early as the first year of study.

The Polish Accreditation Committee also praised the staff of International Relations – its quality, scientific achievements, research, international activity and improvement of qualifications.

The active approach to cooperation with the socio-economic environment was highly rated. The program is not only created, but it is also implemented under the guidance of practitioners. The use of a network of professional contacts was considered a huge asset of the university.

The didactic infrastructure, including the library, fully meeting the needs of scientists and students also dropped well. In addition to the library, PKA also appreciated the sports hall and other sports facilities.

The PKA audit was carried out on May 25-26, 2017.

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