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Vistula University is a leader in the “Perspektywy Universities’ Rankings for 2020.”

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Vistula University once again took the leading position in the field of internationalisation in the prestigious “Perspektywy Universities’ Rankings, 2020”. It also defended its fifth place among the best private universities.

Vistula – internationalisation in times of crisis:
Vistula University has been a leader in the field of internationalisation of education for years. This is a response to students’ needs, and a condition for the university’s development. The Internationalisation of universities is also beneficial for entire societies, also today, during a pandemic.

The Chapter of the “Perspektywy Universities’ Rankings, 2020”, awarding the Vistula University first place in the internationalisation category, appreciated the university’s openness to the world, the multiculturalism of the student environment, and the high level of study programmes.

Vistula educates about 4.5 thousand young people from one hundred countries around the world, who appreciate the interesting studies on offer in Polish and English, and the prestigious certificates held by the university. Vistula University, is one of the few universities in Poland, which has the full scope of ACCA accreditation, and this opens up for students, a quick path to an international career in accounting and finance. The Management programme, meanwhile, can be proud of the PMI Global Accreditation Centre for Project Management Education Programmes (GAC) certificate. This is proof of the university’s commitment to continually improving the quality of the curriculum in project management.

Vistula – in 5th place among the best private universities:
Once again, Vistula University has already achieved a high, 5th position, in the overall Ranking of Non-Public Universities. It is a recognition of our efforts to prepare young people for work and life. We focus on the practical dimension of education, teach what is needed, and implement programmes providing students with support in learning and personal development. Our on-line studies are especially effective today – within the challenging time of a pandemic, they allow you to learn safely and flexibly, from anywhere in the world.

Vistula is appreciated by employers. Taking under consideration their preferences, and the economic fate of our graduates, we have reason to be satisfied. This year, we are ahead of rival universities, such as Nicolaus Copernicus University, the University of Łódź, and SWPS University.

Vistula’s results in the ‘Perspektywy Rankings’ are a clue for graduates:
Due to the pandemic, the ‘Perspektywy Rankings’ were announced later than usual this year. However, analysts have made every effort to ensure that the results reach those interested, traditionally, between the end of the matriculation examination and the issue of high school certificates, scheduled for the 11th of August. Data for the ‘Perspektywy Rankings’, based on verified information, will make it easier for graduates to choose their studies. Perspektywy Universities’ Rankings are amongst the most extensive and most transparent educational rankings in the world. The methodology employed is developed by a Chapter, chaired by Prof. Michał Kleiber, a former President of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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