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Vistula University awarded with the international CEEMAN IQA accreditation

The Faculty of Business and International Relations of Vistula University, has received the international institutional accreditation – CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation. It is one of the most prestigious and respected international accreditations in the field of management education.

CEEMAN IQA accreditation is granted to business schools and universities that educate in the field of management. As part of the accreditation process, the mission and strategy of development, management, creation, and transfer of knowledge, resources, an adaptation of the education offer to market needs, innovation in education, impact on the environment, relations with the business environment, internationalisation, and commitment to responsible practices, are assessed.

Granting the CEEMAN IQA accreditation to the Faculty of Business and International Relations ennobles our university. It confirms that it meets the requirements for efficient functioning, a good level of teaching and research, financial stability, and high-quality education. In a congratulatory letter to the Dean, Prof. Barbara Karlikowska, the President of CEEMAN, Prof. Danica Purg, emphasised that Vistula’s faculty provides excellent, relevant, and dynamic management education.

CEEMAN IQA accreditation was granted for a maximum period of six years. Thereafter, an assessment will take place, which will form the basis of the re-credit process.

The CEEMAN Commission visited Vistula University in March, 2021, on-line. The official report asserts that the university has a clear and far-reaching vision of its development and for the mission of preparing professional, self-confident, and ethical leaders, capable of successfully competing on the international market. In this way, it plays a pioneering role in introducing and disseminating in Poland, the idea of perfect, accurate, and sustainable, management education.

The report notes that the Faculty of Business and International Relations has a strong incentive to continuously improve the teaching and research process in the context of entrepreneurship. It has strong partners, is firmly embedded in the business environment, and its staff has an impact on society and the economy.

The report also states that the faculty shows that it can meet the current needs of students, acts quickly, and reacts, effectively, to market changes.

Institutions accredited by CEEMAN create a common platform for the exchange of knowledge, good practices, and experiences. They co-operate in such areas as:

  • organisation and management of educational institutions,
  • conducting research projects and programmes,
  • exchanges of students and academic and administrative staff,
  • organisation of conferences, debates, and meetings.

Thanks to the CEEMAN IQA accreditation, the brand recognition and the value of the Vistula diploma will increase in Poland and abroad. University employees will be more attractive partners in international research teams. Students will have greater chances of employment, and graduates will be sure that their knowledge and highly-developed social and managerial competencies will be appreciated in the business environment.

CEEMAN is an international association, founded in 1993, for the development of management, which aims to develop quality, also in the field of management science.

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