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Vistula University at the forefront of the Perspektywy 2023 Rankings

Vistula University maintains a strong position in the ‘Perspektywy University Rankings. It took 5th place, among the best non-public universities in Poland in this year’s list. The Vistula School of Hospitality took 21st in the rankings. The Perspektywy Rankings are to make it easier for young people to choose a field of study and a university.

Vistula University defeated renowned public universities in the Perspektywy 2023 Rankings, in more than one category. 16th place among all Polish universities, and 2nd place among private universities, in the category ‘Graduate in the labour market,’ is a particular reason for satisfaction. This is an excellent result, which proves that university graduates efficiently develop their professional careers and earn good salaries. Vistula is truly focused on educating for the labour market.

We are also pleased with the excellent ratings for the individual fields of study at Vistula University. International relations received the highest marks in the list of such studies, conducted by private universities. Their programme allows you to combine theoretical preparation with practical knowledge. Students are supported by outstanding diplomacy practitioners, politicians, and experts in various fields of international relations.

The Chapter of the Perspektywy University Rankings, 2023, also revealed a high appreciation for the national economy. The relevant field of study at AFiB Vistula took 2nd place. The training programme is a response to market requirements. It is consulted with employers in the private and public sectors, who are looking for specialists with thorough and up-to-date knowledge of economics.

Second place in the appropriate rankings was also taken by Vistula’s Computer Science. The major in Finance and Accounting, which is distinguished by the international ACCA accreditation and English Philology were in a high third position, Management – in forth.

Studies at Vistula University have a practical profile, guarantee the acquisition of competences in a given area, and develops the skills necessary in business relations and intercultural communications.

Vistula University educates young people from over one hundred countries and develops co-operation with other foreign universities in the field of student and staff exchange, as well as in the area of scientific research. Young people, from all over the world, appreciate the openness of our universities to the world, the multiculturalism of the student community, the high level of study programmes in Polish and English, and international accreditations: CEEMAN IQA, ACCA, PMI GAC and AICPA & CIMA which are sure signs of the highest quality of education and prestige.

In the ’Internationalisation’ category, Vistula University came 12th in the Perspektywy 2023 Rankings.

The university implements projects co-financed by the European Union
Vistula University in Pultusk

Vistula University in Pultusk

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