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Vistula – the green universities

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A statistical Pole generates over 300 kg of municipal waste annually. This garbage will decompose in landfills for hundreds or even thousands of years. Only a small part of them is recycled. This will change with the new bill.

We will comply with regulations. The Vistula University and the Vistula School of Hospitality are introducing strict waste segregation rules throughout the campus. It will bring some inconvenience for you, but it is worth making this effort. It is our common interest. We will take care of the environment and our planet.

Note! Waste segregation is not voluntary – it is our duty. Incorrect or no segregation results in a higher waste collection fee.

Main principles of waste segregation at Vistula Universities

  • There will be no trashcans in the rooms and lecture halls.
  • We will segregate waste into 5 basic factions:
    • paper – clean and dry;
    • glass;
    • metals and plastics;
    • bio – without animal waste, fat or bones;
    • mixed waste.
  • Sorted garbage should be thrown into the proper, one of five marked tanks, placed in 2-3 sets on each floor.
  • Bottles and cans should be crushed and cartons folded, before discarding.

As part of the Green University, we also recommend:

  • give your cards a second chance – please print also on the other side – there are paper baskets next to the photocopiers;
  • use paper or glass cups at school – water on campus is available in glass bottles.

Please, send documents with sensitive data to be destroyed in the room next to the Archives.

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Vistula University in Pultusk

Vistula University in Pultusk

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