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Vistula School of Hospitality evaluated with the highest quality mark. The University has obtained THE-ICE accreditation

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The Vistula School of Hospitality has just obtained the prestigious THE-ICE accreditation. Thus, it entered the first league of universities educating for the needs of industries dealing with tourism, recreation, organization of events and the culinary arts. THE-ICE is a sign of the highest quality.

Quality and effectiveness

Auditors led by prof. Eva Werner and prof. Jane Ali-Knight evaluated the Vistula School of Hospitality in 14 areas. They reviewed, among others, the quality of the education program and staff, a supporting system dedicated to students, the value of scientific research, management, cooperation with business and global recognition. The university has fulfilled all criteria and gained the unconditional ICE (The International Center of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education) accreditation. It is one of the two most essential certificates in the world awarded to universities of this profile. – Tourism is an enjoyable industry, but also requiring huge responsibility and convincing, because it is responsible for about 10% of global GDP and employs nearly 300 million people – says professor Jolanta Żyśko, Rector of the Vistula School of Hospitality. – We must take education in this field seriously. THE-ICE accreditation is for us such a quality stamp, recognized all over the world. It means not only more students from around the world, but also better job offers for graduates in the country and abroad – emphasizes Professor Żyśko.

Strong relationships with the industry

THE-ICE experts appreciated the cooperation of VSH with the industry – an active Business Council and a secure connection between science and practice.

They also emphasized the quality of university management and the staff themselves – their extensive academic, leadership and industry experience.

– Entrepreneurs have an influence on the shape of our program, they lecture, offer internships and trainings – says Krzysztof Celuch, PhD, Rector’s Proxy for Cooperation with the Socio-economic Environment. – Thanks to this, our graduates are ready for management work in the tourism industry – he adds.

THE-ICE experts also rated highly curriculum created following European standards, focused on knowledge understanding, critical thinking and developing analytical and social competences. They also pointed to the international environment as a significant advantage. In the audit summary, they wrote – Vistula is a truly global institution dealing in business education in the field of tourism, hotel industry and events. It is led by a passionate and future-oriented team that understands the specific needs of the diverse and widespread needs of the tourism industry well.

THE-ICE accreditation – a commitment to further development

THE-ICE accreditation for the Vistula School of Hospitality is not only a proof of recognition for its culture of openness, collegiality and quality orientation. It is also a commitment to the further development of the university.

Currently, the university educates one thousand three hundred students. It conducts bachelor’s degree studies in Tourism and Recreation and Dietetics as well as master’s degree studies in Tourism and Recreation and Lifestyle Coaching – in Polish and English. Professor Jolanta Żyśko, Rector of the University, is a scientist, European Union expert and a former sportswoman. She has repeatedly reached the Polish championship in regatta sailing in class 470.

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