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The secrets of Chinese success and the great Beijing-Washington game.

Start: Wed, 12 Dec 2018, 10:00

In the great commercial war between the US and China, a ceasefire is currently under way. After Donald Trump and Xi Jinping’s  last meeting in Buenos Aires, the leaders gave  themselves some time to create the scope for reconciliation.

Washington does not agree with the new role of the Asian superpower. American-Chinese relations are currently the most important, emerging axis of the structure of international politics. Therefore, mutual relations between Beijing and Washington are the subject of many studies.

The Institute of International Relations invites you to attend  a seminar:  ’Sino-American relations: ideology, interests, and current strategy’.

The lecture will be given by Lieutenant Colonel  Mariusz Rukat , who is a lecturer at Collegium Civitas and Lazarski University, and a PhD student at the Polish Academy of Sciences. In the years 2000  2008, he was an analyst at  the  Foreign Affairs Department of the Ministry of Defense for political-military relations of the Polish Armed Forces with foreign countries, in the specialisation of the United States, China, and the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. In the years 2008  2012, he served as  the  Deputy  Defense  Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Beijing.

Prof. Bogdan Góralczyk will also be  a guest at  the seminar. He is an outstanding sinologist, political scientist, diplomat and journalist,  as well as Director of the European Centre  of the University of Warsaw. Since 1976, he has been observing China and the countries of South East Asia. He was the Polish ambassador in Thailand and Burma. His book, which is being promoted by ’The Great Renaissance, Chinese Transformation and Its Consequences’  is a unique item. Professor Góralczyk breaks through the walls of propaganda and layers of schemes, showing internal scenes regarding  changes, doubts, paradoxes and the winding decision-making paths of the Chinese power elites. With this cross-sectional study, based primarily on sources unknown to the wider Chinese sources, it strikes at, not only a level of mediocre journalism, but also a whole generation of contemporary Chinese researchers.

The aim of the seminar will be to indicate the fundamental ideological differences between China and the United States, which for years, have prevented the achievement of a lasting agreement among the parties; defining strategic and economic American interests in the Asia-Pacific region; and discussing the current configuration of Chinese and American (and allied) forces within  the perspective of potential military operations and actions, in the event of conflict.

Donald Trump’s policy seems to seek to change the earlier formula of American relations with China. The China’s “billing” tariff system, introduced with the aim of  slowing down  the US economy, is most likely the first step, when examining  China’s determination to take on a strategic challenge. At the same time, despite the overwhelming global military superiority, Washington today faces the necessity of defining the further role of the United States in the international structure, taking into account the internal capabilities of the country, external political and economic interests, but above all, the emerging new pillars of international strength. In this context, a proper determination of Washington’s relationship with Beijing, will be both an opportunity and a threat to Trump’s administration.

We invite you to attend the seminar  on  December the 18th, 2018, at 10:00 AM, room 21 AFiB  Vistula

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