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The Polish economy needs growth based on sound foundations

On November the 8th, the National Scientific Conference ‘Challenges for the growth of the Polish economy’, was held at Vistula University. The event was an important element of the celebrations of the jubilee of our universities.

Vistula University is concentrating on ensuring that the scientific activity of its staff, focuses on the currently occurring phenomena, and responds to both contemporary challenges and social needs. The condition of the Polish economy and its growth prospects is one of those important topics. The challenges it faces were debated by participants of a nationwide scientific conference organised at Vistula University. The speech by Paweł Wojciechowski, Professor at Wszechnica Polska, Director of Whiteshield, ‘Challenges of the growth of the Polish economy’ was the main pillar of the discussion.

Since 1989, the Polish economy has made a giant leap. Today, however, due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, it has reached a critical moment. We have high inflation and stagnation is on the horizon. Development is also not fostered by factors such as:

the growing role of the state in the economy, a deteriorating demographic structure, and social policy, which boils down to simple transfers. What is missing is a policy based on social investments, aimed at providing equal opportunities, whilst reducing inequalities and poverty.

’The Polish economy needs growth based on healthy foundations, without plutocratic elements, and using the synergy created by the academic sphere and the entrepreneurship sector’, declared Wawrzyniec Konarski, PhD, Professor and Rector of Vistula University. – The effect of the economic and political transformation that took place in Poland, was to be a market free from political pressure and strong civil societies. However, these are still postulated values. The conclusions of the conference at the Vistula University, show that achieving this synergy is still a significant challenge, emphasised Professor Konarski.

The conference also included an Economics and Finance session, and two parallel panels: Transformation of Central and Eastern European countries and Management of organisations in the era of globalisation and the technological revolution 4:0.

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