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The Goodwill Farm will be established. Vistula University is a social partner of the project

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In Janów near Warka, a cornerstone was laid for the Goodwill Farm – an innovative centre for the disabled. The ceremony was attended by the rector of the Vistula University, professor Wawrzyniec Konarski, PhD. Since 2018, the university has been a social partner of the Goodwill Association of Disabled People.

Vistula supports the only innovative project in Poland
The Goodwill Farm is to be an ecological, intelligent centre equipped with the latest technologies. It is to assist disabled people, for whom parents, due to their old age or disease, are no longer able to provide comprehensive care. The proteges will receive support in their everyday life at the centre. They will have accommodation in family houses for several people and the care of specialists. The project also provides for the creation of a farm – a space for working in the garden, breeding livestock and other activities, adapted to the capabilities of the inhabitants.

Vistula University’s social responsibility
Vistula is a social partner of this extremely important initiative. University management requires values, enthusiasm in acting for the benefit of local communities and sharing accomplishments and good practices. As part of the university’s social responsibility, Vistula undertakes activities that integrate various environments and sectors and supports the development of innovation.

Social, community involvement is an important element strengthening trust in the university, it also remain a key for building its social position.

The team of Architecture and IT from the Vistula University is particularly involved in the project.

MORE: https://dobrawola.org.pl/farma_dobrej_woli/

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