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Strength in diversity! Vistula students come from 100 countries

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Cultural diversity is the wealth of the world and of our University. This year, we have broken the record. The number of countries that our students come from has risen to 100.

Information about Vistula Universities’ attractive offer of studies reaches more and more young people. They come to us from almost all continents to find an

innovative teaching model, exciting programs, fantastic lecturers, respect and tolerance.

They also find here proper conditions and opportunities to develop their passions in Vistula University’s student clubs and associations where they can combine study with the pursuit of their interests and great fun.

During this year’s presentation of clubs, the Social Club and the Activities Club attracted the most attention. The first focuses on organizing charity initiatives and the second brings together students taking part in events organized at the University. The Academic Club of Dietetics was also very popular. Its members conduct research in the field of nutrition and popularize knowledge about it. Academic Club “2B”, on the other hand, unites people interested in the meeting industry. The Asian Students Association also gained new members.

In total, over 20 clubs and associations operate at Vistula University. Joining them is an investment in yourself. Students can expand their knowledge, acquire new skills and meet new people.

Surely everyone will find something for themselves.

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