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Lecture by Dr. Stana Buchowska on Vistula

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About racism, xenophobia and intolerance in our part of Europe talked Dr. Stana Buchowska, co-founder of the La Strada Foundation and Migration Advisor for Central and Eastern Europe at OXFAM International during a meeting with students of the Vistula Group of Universities.

During the lecture „Współczesne oblicza ksenofobii. Na przykładzie doniesień medialnych w Europie Środkowej i Wschodniej” (Contemporary faces of xenophobia. On the examples of media reports in Central and Eastern Europe), the author talked about the causes of xenophobia, most of which is the lack of knowledge and fear by the unknown.

She also pointed out the fact that in Poland every day nearly 100 attacks on foreigners occur. The media plays an important role here because they shape the views of the people. In her opinion, the behavior of politicians is also bad, especially in Slovakia. Dr. Buchowska pointed out that the situation in Poland is relatively good comparing to the region – intolerance declares about us less than half of the population than in f. e. Hungary.

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