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Seminars at the Vistula University Institute of Finance

Start: Mon, 11 Mar 2019, 00:00

M.Sc. Tomasz Kociołek will deliver  a lecture on the “Organisation of accounting systems and financial audits of non-profit entities, in the light of cases of fraud in the 21st century”.

The speaker will present a short description of the non-profit sector, its genesis, and current socio-economic importance.

He will present a specific, regulatory framework for the accounting of non-profit sector entities, with particular emphasis on reported cases of fraud and irregularities in financial reporting, including its own empirical studies on the quality of third sector organisation reports.

The analysis will also cover the financial audit procedures of non-governmental organisations, including the role of auditors in the detection and reporting of fraud cases.

M.Sc. Adrian Chmilowski will present  a lecture on “The role of the InsurTech sector in shaping the insurance market in a collaborative economy”.

He will outline  the directions of changes in traditional insurance, resulting from the digitisation of the economy, and the development of the co-operation economy.  The InsurTech sector will also be described, along with  its connection  to the economy of co-operation.  A brief description of selected innovations of the InsurTech sector companies that influence the personalisation of insurance in the economy of co-operation, will further be provided.

You are very welcome.

March the 11th, 2019, at 10:00 am, hall 6.

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