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Plant with us the Forest of Good Will’. The GUV is the campaign partner for this project

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Man has already cut over 50 percent of the natural forests, existing on Earth. Every day, more hectares go under the axe, which deepens the ecological crisis of our planet.

The forest cleans the air, stores drinking water, and prevents soil erosion. It absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide – which is dangerous for the climate, but is the main source of oxygen. Two-thirds of the species of animals, plants, and fungi, actually live in forests.

So, let’s save forests, and plant them together!

The Vistula Group of Universities joined the ‘Forest of Good Will’ action project. This is a cyclical event that has been taking place since 2008. Students of the School in Mrokowo and Association OPP volunteers came up with the idea. They invited disabled people, their guardians, family and friends, as well as all those who want to spend their time actively, and for the benefit of our planet. They were quickly joined by many firemen, scientists, and artists, who initially cleaned the forests, then began to plant new ones.

So far, 6 hectares have been afforested in the Chojnów Forest District, and nearly 100,000 trees have been planted. This action has proved to be very popular, with the number of participants increasing each year. The planting area is also expanding.

Do you want to plant a forest? Join us!

Come on April the 6th, 2019, from 9:30 am to 12:30 am, close to Magdalenka, on Gajowa street.

Directions in: Google Maps under the slogan: ‘The IVth Forest of Good Will, 2019’.

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