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Our students from the Middle-East celebrated the holiday, ‘Nowruz’

Start: Thu, 21 Mar 2019, 10:00

March the 21st is a special day for residents of many countries of the Middle-East and Central Asia.

On the day of spring equinox, they celebrate the holiday, ‘Nowruz’. The word itself, comes from the Persian language, and means ‘New Day’. The holiday symbolises new life, fertility, friendship, and love.

Nowruz has been celebrated for over five thousand years. Eastern people dedicate this day to family and friends, show mutual respect, wish everyone peace, health, and harmony, and also have fun.

On the occasion of the Nowruz holiday, there was a party at our university. It attracted students from both the Middle – East and Europe. Guests from the embassies of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, also took part in it. There were national dances and dishes.

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