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On-line degree programmes at Vistula – unlike any other

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Online education is a must today. During the coronavirus pandemic, it is the only way to continue your studies while maintaining social distance. Many institutions provide e-learning in this hard time, but only at Vistula online degree studies are unlike any other.

Online studies – experience pays off
100 per cent of classes are currently held online at Vistula Universities. Last week the results were impressive:

  • 471 online lectures and classes were carried out in Polish and English – all programmes are available in both languages;
  • 400 lecturers led classes;
  • 6,000 students took part in;
  • participants have sent over 13,000 messages.

A quick and efficient transition from university classes to distance learning was possible because Vistula has extensive experience in this area and has already invested in its e-learning platform much earlier. For six years it has been conducting professionally prepared online studies, has multimedia materials, constantly trains staff and intensively works on distance learning methodology.

Online studies – today and tomorrow
Online studies are a must today. What will be tomorrow? When it will be possible, Vistula Universities will re-opened and most students will be able to study, as before – in full-time or part-time mode. However, some of them will still study online, because this is the mode they chose enrolling at the university.

Vistula offers the following programmes that you can study online:

  • Finance and Accounting – online Bachelor’s Degree studies;
  • Finance and Accounting – online Master’s Degree studies;
  • Management – online Bachelor’s Degree studies;
  • Management – online Master’s Degree studies;
  • Economics – online Bachelor’s Degree studies.

From October, the offer will also include English-language programmes, and if necessary, also other fields of study.

The number of students who choose online studies at Vistula is increasing every year.

Why online studies are a perfect choice?
Online studies is a sign of our times and a global trend. Because of the quick development of information and telecommunications technologies, we don’t need to transfer knowledge personally. We can do it at a distance. The basic advantages of online studies are:

  • mobility;
  • flexibility;
  • convenience.

Vistula students can learn where and when they want, fitting learning to work and personal life. They gain a diploma from anywhere in the world.

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