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Miracles over the ballot box – i.e. “How to rig an election”

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Start: Wed, 28 Nov 2018, 16:00

By brute force or with kid gloves – politicians have always tried to rig the election. Once they resorted to violence and intimidation, there was vulgar throwing votes into the ballot boxes or burning cards.

Today, there are more sophisticated methods of influencing the electoral result. Miracles over a ballot box are happening,  both in authoritarian and democratic states.

How is it possible and what are the methods? Our lecturer Piotr Kościński PhD, the author of a shocking book “Jak sfałszować wybory” (Eng. How to Rig an Election), in which he shows specific mechanisms of fraud, will talk about this issue at the example of, among others, Great Britain, Canada, Ukraine and Belarus. The Polish local elections from four years ago are also referred to in the book.

Piotr Kościński was associated with the Rzeczpospolita daily for many years, where he dealt with Eastern Europe. He was also a correspondent for the newspaper in Kiev. At the Polish Institute of International Affairs, he coordinated the Eastern Europe and South-Eastern Europe program.

We invite you to the Q and A session with the author on November 28, 2018 at 4:00 pm, in hall 2A.

The discussion will be led by Juliusz Maliszewski, PhD and Marcin Zaborowski, PhD, the former head of the Polish Institute of International Affairs.

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