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Meeting with television producers: Milena Drzewiecka and Maciej Czajkowski

Start: Wed, 13 Dec 2017, 17:30

What is the role of a TV producer? Who makes the final decision: a journalist or a producer? What is the production of information and journalism programs in Poland and Western Europe? These questions and many more will be answered by our guests: Milena Drzewiecka, producer of many foreign TV stations in Poland (including ZDF, Sveriges Radio, NRK) and Maciej Czajkowski, a former producer of BBC and TVP, currently associated with wyborcza.pl.

We invite you on December 13 at 17:30 to room 213. The meeting is in Polish but the guests can answer questions in English if needed.

The meeting is organized by students of the 3rd year of Journalism as part of the seminar “Foreign Correspondent Workshop”, where they learn the principles, ethics and specificity of the work of a reporter working abroad. Classes are conducted by the correspondent of TVP in London and Berlin Marcin Antosiewicz. Students in a series of meetings with foreign correspondents and producers organizing their work get the opportunity to listen to their experiences and ask them questions about their work.
From this series, meetings have already been held:
• with Barbara Włodarczyk, a TVP correspondent in Russia, a reporter, the author of the series “Szerokie Tory”, the author of the book “Nie ma jednej Rosji”,
• and with Eldoradas Butrimas, a correspondent of the Lithuanian media in Warsaw.

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