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MBA in Turquoise Leadership – an innovative post-graduate programme at the Vistula University

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If management is your passion, you certainly know, that more and more companies have been moving from a hierarchical to horizontal model, called turquoise. MBA in Turquoise Leadership – post-graduate studies – this is the Vistula University answer to the new trends and your needs.

MBA in Turquoise Leadership – for whom?

MBA in Turquoise Leadership is a one-year postgraduate, part-time course in Polish. It was designed for the following groups:

  • young managers who want to gain new competences and develop dynamically their careers;
  • experienced managers who are looking for new career opportunities;
  • business owners;
  • managers who want to obtain formal management education.

MBA postgraduate studies in Turquoise Leadership will prepare you for managing organizations successfully in changing conditions. You will gain knowledge and competences that will allow you:

  • turquoise organization creating or preparing and implement effective change in an organization;
  • self-organizing teams creating and involvement building in a team;
  • creating or transforming an organization into a system based on values ​​and relationships;
  • making decisions in the VUCA world and dealing with conflicts in organization.

Turquoise Leadership – your success in management

MBA postgraduate programme in Turquoise Leadershipbuilds competences that will allow you to implement this management model in your company. You will gain theoretical preparation and go through a deep development process, work in a turquoise team and learn on a living organism. You will get to know tools necessary to build commitment, responsibility and trust in a team, that results in the work efficiency and the ability to properly manage energy.

Our students work with a mentor. Classes are practical and the workshops are taught by lecturers from the world of science and business with many years of experience, who have successfully implemented or implement now innovative management models in their organizations. Professor Andrzej Jacek Blikle and Marek Śliboda from Marco are among them.

If you want to succeed in management, join us!

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