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How to create a perfect hotel complex in Masuria? There were great projects and an adventure. The Inter-Tour Summer School is behind us.

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Creating a perfect hotel complex in Masuria is a great challenge. The object should, after all, take your breath away, include the specificity of the region, and the richness of nature, but also modern trends on the tourist market.

Students graduating from their Masters’ studies, within the Inter-Tour programme, at the Vistula School of Hospitality, undertook this ambitious task. During the Summer School in Ogonki, working in specialist groups, they combined knowledge from their studies, practice, and commitment. Their presentations aroused great interest from invited guests, including the Rector of our university, Professor Jolanta Żyśko, and the Dean, Professor Teresa Skalska.

The Summer School in Ogonki was a time of hard work in groups, but also a time of pleasure and integration. There were activities on the water, and fantastic trips, amongst others, to Sztynort and Mikołajki. The highlight was a cruise on Lake Śniardwy.

Inter-Tour is a two-year Master’s study, an international educational programme in the field of Tourism and Recreation, financed by the European Union.

Within its framework, students were covered by project activities, divided into several phases:

  • preparatory activities – related to the preparation of didactic materials and the innovative syllabuses of classes, based on European and foreign models;
  • participation in classes conducted by foreign lecturers – specialists in specific fields: Christos Anagnastopolousfrom Cyprus (Management in Sport); Robert Vincze from Slovakia (Management in the Hospitality Industry and Event Management); Ruud Jansen from Switzerland (Event Management); and Agnieszka Koper from Italy (Management in Gastronomy);
  • participation in additional activities, extending the standard programme– e.g. entrepreneurship, the Polish language;
  • participation in two summer schools.

The project, which began in the 2017/2018 academic year, and ends in September, was a great success for the Vistula School of Hospitality.

Our university will leave great young people who have acquired specialist knowledge and unique competences.

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