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“Fragility and power: love, work, family, or, in other words, women’s social roles”

Professor Wawrzyniec Konarski, PhD, Rector of Vistula University, will lead the 2nd Film Seminar in Szczebrzeszyn. The images presented during the seminar are intended to show the various social roles performed by women. The event will take place on September 15-17 at the Municipal House of Culture.

The Municipal House of Culture in Szczebrzeszyn in Roztocze focuses its activities on cultural education and upbringing through art, shaping the skills of active participation in cultural life and integration of the local community. This important mission is part of the Film Seminar. The second edition of the event will be held in mid-September under the slogan “Fragility and power: love, work, family, or, in other words, women’s social roles.” Vistula University is this event’s partner trying to ensure that its activity responds to contemporary challenges and social needs also at the local level.

During the seminar, the organizers will present films showing the roles played by women in society. The points of reference here will be such roles as, for example, the working woman, the mother, the creator, the victim, but also the non-heteronormative woman. It is impossible to “surgically” separate these roles and show them in films, because they are often linked together. The organizers of the seminar emphasize that the achievements of cinematography on this subject are so vast that the selection of the presented films will never satisfy everyone. Consequently, they focused on the films created in the post-war period, which combine the personalities of film directors and unforgettable performances of actors.

The presentation will be followed by panel discussion led by film experts, including actors, filmmakers, journalists and scientists.


  • “Bez miłości”, directed by Barbara Sas,
  • “Papusza”, directed by Joanna Kos-Krauze,
  • “Rysopis znaleziony po latach. Wojciech Jerzy Hass”, directed by Sławomir Rogowski, Stanisław Zawiśliński,
  • “Sztuka kochania. Historia Michaliny Wisłockiej”, directed by Maria Sadowska,
  • “Przez dotyk”, directed by Magdalena Łazarkiewicz.

Special guests of the 2nd Film Seminar in Szczebrzeszyn will be director Joanna Kos-Krauze and actor Zbigniew Waleryś.

We cordially invite everyone interested.

Start: Tue, 15 Aug 2023, 17:00
End: Thu, 17 Aug 2023, 13:30
Place: Miejski Dom Kultury w Szczebrzeszynie
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