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Ethics in global politics – is it possible? Global Ethics Day 2018

Instead of brutal violence, empathy and respect –  a world in which people would treat others, as if they wanted to be treated themselves, would be definitely better. A common ethical foundation is needed. As part of the “Global Ethics Day”, which is celebrated in many countries around the world, we invite you to a unique event – we will discuss ethical ideas that shape global politics, commemorating former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan (1938-2018), Nobel Peace Prize laureate (together with the United Nations).  He laid the foundations for our understanding of global ethics and peace in the 21st century. He fought the battle for human rights and the struggle to stop climate change with equal passion. Annan’s activity shows that everything we do as individuals can play a huge role. Leadership means activity.


We cordially invite you to take part  in the debate “Shaping history. Kofi Annan and his fight to save the world “and the screening of the film” Center of the storm “.

October 17, at 3 pm Aula 2A

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