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Co-operation between UNA Poland and Vistula Universities

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Vistula Universities have established co-operation with the United Nations Association, Poland. The official office of the organisation is already operating on our campus, and the President of the Vistula Group of Universities, Bartłomiej E. Nowak, PhD, was appointed as the Chairman of its Programme Council.

Co-operation with UNA, will open up the opportunity for our students to participate in initiatives, closely related to the activities of the United Nations in Poland. It will also allow them to join the Association, with the right to a 50 percent discount on the membership fee.

Many joint initiatives are planned, including:

  • organisation of conferences, training, workshops, and other educational events, for, and with, the involvement of students from the Vistula Group of Universities, in co-operation with the UNAP Programme Council, chaired by Bartłomiej E. Nowak, PhD;
  • co-operation with VGU, on the report planned by UNAP, on sustainable development practices at universities in Poland;
  • creating an on-line library of UN publications;
  • launching a field of studies on sustainable development in the future.

UNA Poland is important, and takes part in discussions on such important issues as climate change, sustainable development, social and civic activity, and education, as well as human rights and democracy.

More about UNA Poland: https://www.unapoland.org/

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