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Closer to our neighbors – Vistula on Ursynów Days

Start: Sat, 09 Jun 2018, 11:00

For the twenty-third time, Ursynów will celebrate its days. This is the most important outdoor event organized annually by the District Office. A huge stage will stand at Kopa Cwila. The Roman Kozlowski Park will turn into a zone of fun and relaxation.

Ursynów is also our district. That is why Vistula will be present during these days. We want to be closer to our neighbors, to establish good relations with them, and to promote our offer. There will be a photo booth and competitions with prizes and talks about our university and studies.

It will be great music as usual, during Ursynów Days. The legendary bands Kult and IRA will perform, as well as Cleo, Lao Che, Mesajah and Afromental. The organizers also promise a spectacular surprise because of the century of independence.

At Kopa Cwila, there will be a large catering zone. There will be a picnic, lots of attractions for children and youth and a fireworks display.
We invite you on June 9, 2018, Romana Kozłowski Park – Kopa Cwila / Ursynów Underground Station

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