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Business & Education – Bosch

The next item on the agenda for Business & Education students was a meeting with BOSCH representatives. The company is an international engineering and technology giant based in Germany hiring approximately 427,000 people worldwide.

The highlight of the meeting was a lecture when the company representatives provided our students with valuable insights into the artificial intelligence model service platforms within their organization. AI is becoming increasingly important in supporting business processes. It is used on a massive scale and is no longer limited to a specific sector of activity. According to forecasts, AI will be one of the main factors that will drive the economies of the future.

During the meeting, Bosch representatives also presented attractive job and internship opportunities in the organization.

We would like to thank Isroil Safarov, Jakub Buszewski, Łucja Nieczui-Piotrowska and Iryna Danielewska for the extraordinary presentation, which was enthusiastically received by Vistula University students.

In the next meeting – on March the 11th we will host Urest representatives.

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Vistula University in Pultusk

Vistula University in Pultusk

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