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Business & Education – J.P. Morgan Chase

It was a really exciting workshop. On December the 4th we hosted experts from the renowned company J.P. Morgan Chase, as part of the Business & Education program. J.P. Morgan Chase is one of the largest financial holding companies in the world with assets worth USD 2.5 trillion. It operates in over 50 countries. It is a leader in investment banking and services for business clients.

The presentation covered the company’s history and how J.P. Morgan managed to survive during the two world wars and in intense competitive environments. Throughout the presentation, students gained insights into CIB market controllers, including product controllers, business management, program management, as well as J.P. Morgan’s corporate investment, assets, and technology. Moreover, discovering the job and career opportunities at J.P. Morgan proved to be a significant advantage for our students.

The test administered at the end of the presentation not only assessed students’ knowledge levels but also enhanced their critical thinking skills.

We extend our gratitude to Magdalena Blaszczyk for her contributions to the program and to Maciej Maksymiuk for delivering an impactful presentation.

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