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Bartłomiej E. Nowak, PhD, climbed Broad Peak without oxygen and without porters

Lecturer at Vistula University, Bartłomiej E. Nowak, PhD, recently climbed Broad Peak in the Karakoram – one of the most dangerous peaks in the world. He took with him the flags of Poland and the European Union to the eight-thousander’s summit.

Professor Nowak specialises in international affairs, and comments on foreign policy. At the same time, for many years, he has been combining scientific activities with mountain climbing. He participated in expeditions to the Himalayas, Karakoram, and Andes. He climbed on the seven-thousanders of Pamir and Tien-Shan, and now he has climbed the famous Broad Peak. It is the twelfth highest mountain in the world, powerful and very demanding, which does not forgive the slightest mistake. Climbers dream to conquer it, and many have paid for this dream with their lives.

Climbing Broad Peak, was courtesy of an invite by Ryszard Pawłowski, one of the most outstanding Polish mountaineers. The team did not use oxygen or high mountain porters.

As mentioned earlier, our prolific lecturer took up the summit, the flags of Poland and the European Union. In interviews, he emphasised that he took the two of them, because he is both Polish and European, and European identity is very important. – ‘’It strengthens, not weakens, the fact that we are Poles. These identities are not opposite, but complement each other’’ – asserted Professor Nowak.

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