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AZS Vistula volleyball players are blasting their opposition like a storm!

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AZS Vistula volleyball players ‘raised the bar’ in standards, during the rematch round of the Academic Championships of Warsaw and Mazovia.

It was very rewarding, indeed, for the coach, Jolanta Studzienna, as “Vistulanki” comfortably beat the Warsaw University team 3-0, and the whole match lasted less than an hour! The performance of our girls certainly enthralled their gathered fans.

Vistula’s volleyball players ‘make the most’ of excellent conditions at our university, for both studying and training, for which they render impressive victories – proclaimed the director of PE Studies, M.Sc. Jerzy Szyszko.

Since the beginning of the season, AZS Vistula has established itself at the very top of the league table and currently, our club is in a perfect second position, just behind the AZS AWF. In less than a month, Studzienna’s well-coached team will take part in the semi-final tournament of the Polish Academic Championships. It will defend the title of Vice-Masters of non-public universities.


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