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ATTENTION – volunteers are wanted!

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Dear Vistula students,

Vistula University and Vistula School of Hospitality joined the initiative of the Ursynów District Office, which aims to ensure the safety of people at risk, potentially at risk of serious illness in the event of coronavirus infection.

The care will cover mainly Ursynów Seniors, but also other people who have reasonable concerns about their health in relation to age, chronic diseases or other circumstances indicating reduced immunity, and those who in these unusual circumstances cannot count on family help or friends because of loneliness.

We are convinced that among our students there will be volunteers whose task will be to make purchases and dispose of garbage once a week.

Volunteers will be equipped by the District Office with personal protective equipment – masks, gloves and disinfectant liquids. They will also receive an ID, precise instructions and the support of office employees on duty.

The support mechanism has been devised in such a way that there is practically no direct contact between the Senior and the assistant. Volunteers will arrange all details by phone, and purchases will be delivered at the door. For this reason, all students who speak Polish at least at level A2 are welcome.

Volunteers are asked to report to: wolontariat.coronawirus@vistula.edu.pl

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