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“Art and therapy”. Exhibition of works by Dr. Dorota Wejchert

A new, unique exhibition entitled “Art and therapy” has been opened in the Vistula gallery. Dorota Wejchert, PhD, a distinguished professor at our university, presents the results of artistic and therapeutic activities that she undertook with Monika Fonberg-Broczek, PhD in natural sciences, who is suffering from depression.
The art-therapeutic process covered a year of meetings, twice a week, and began with simple, relaxing compositions in a square, small drawings and painting samples inspired by the immediate surroundings. With time, the artistic abilities of the professor biologist allowed her to draw and paint together from nature. The use of various techniques, from drawing with pencil, ink, coffee or turmeric, to oil and dry pastels, to painting with tempera and watercolors gave many remarkable results. Inspired by Dorota’s lessons, Monika succumbed to a great passion for everyday healing, creating over 400 works. The shared joy of creating inspired the author to choose the works and arrange the boards presented at the exhibition.

We invite you to view the exhibition in the main hall.

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