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Architecture students will establish a “Garden of Life” in Portugal

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The pandemic has disrupted the plans of Architecture students of the Vistula University, who in December 2019 won the prestigious international competition in the field of landscape architecture in Ponte de Lima, Portugal, organized under the slogan “Religions in the garden”. Karolina Beinarovica, Tetiana Humeniuk, Khaled Ibrahim, and Mohyi Mahmoud were to implement their project last spring, but due to the difficult situation in the world, they had to wait for better times. Only now they have left for Portugal to establish their “Garden of Life”, a project referring to the biblical Eden. It is the epitome of beauty, but also a metaphor of human life with all its elements, including religion.

The idea of ​​the garden was to show human life from the perspective of good and bad decisions. In the center there will be an apple tree symbolizing life and sin. The two paths leading to it are good and evil – the authors wrote in the description of their project.

Students had to undertake not only understanding the subject in an artistic approach, but also meet the technical requirements, incl. stay within the imposed budget, prepare a professional calculation and a detailed planting plan.

The work of Vistula’s students, which was created under the direction of Zuzanna Bartman, will become an important part of the International Festival of Gardens in Ponte de Lima. This is one of the most important events of this kind in Europe. It is not only an exhibition, but also a provocation, challenge and education. The aim is to constantly raise the environmental awareness of the society. The festival is a real school of ecology.

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