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Mobile Studies – how to get a Bachelor’s degree via the Internet!

A new way to study in Poland.

Get to know about online studies!

The demotivator presented above may be amusing, but there is certainly a grain of truth in it. This is how the situation on the labour market is developing nowadays. An “Ivy League diploma” may be a big plus in the eyes of employers, but it is by no means a guarantee of employment. Companies are looking for employees with a specific set of competences, real skills that will be used in everyday work.

So, it’s no surprise that the first thing most recruiters look at is professional experience and the list of completed projects. A well-composed portfolio may be interesting, as it clearly shows what a given candidate can do. Training employees translates into real costs, which is why all internships and job placements are so important. The mentality of both employers and students is changing. Part-time studies, still considered a worse version of studies ten years ago, turn out to be a great alternative. Students increasingly undertake studies in the weekend system, so that they can devote themselves to work during the week.

However, is this the only choice? Let’s look at a couple of scenarios.

Michał was interested in business when still in high school. While most of his friends were deciding on their dream field of study, he was planning to start a business. With the help of several people, he launched his own start-up, and a well-written application allowed him to obtain a subsidy. Now Michał is in a constant run. He travels all over Poland, acquiring contractors. He cannot afford either full-time or part-time studies. He is out of his hometime most of the time.

Karolina is on maternity leave. She has made a conscious decision that she wanted to spend her time with her child. While her husband is at work, she does the housework and looks after her son. She is happy but wonders about the potential development opportunities. While it is true that she has a lot of spare time, she still cannot leave the child without proper care.

Tomek has been working in one company for many years. He is good at his job, but he is thinking about developing his competences. Perhaps completing studies in Management would allow him to get a promotion. Unfortunately, he has a lot of duties and works all days and weekends are for him the only moments for the long-awaited rest. In his case the prospect of part-time studies is not very appealing.

Does this mean that all those persons have no chance to study at all? Definitely not. The option of Online Studies is already available in Poland, and it is based on the latest e-learning tools.

It is only up to the students themselves whether they decide to study full-time, at the university, or by taking a number of professional courses available online. They have everything they need to learn on the Internet – presentations prepared by experienced methodologists and lecturers, sessions with lecturers, tests, and even readings available on the Ibuk Libra portal. They don’t have to worry about the time and place where they are.

It makes no difference whether a given person finds the time to study late in the evening, during a break at work, or during a train journey. In its model, Online Studies are primarily flexible and student friendly.

If you are interested in this study format, you are welcome to visit our website: Online Studies, where you will find specific information and a list of available fields of study. More details will be available soon in the following posts on our blog.

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Author: Konrad Chmielewski

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