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Professor Juliusz Kotyński

Professor Juliusz Kotyński
e-mail: j.kotynski@vistula.edu.pl
Faculty: Business and International Relations
Field of study: Economics; Finance and accounting

Professor of economics since 1988. Former Fulbright scholarship holder at the Harvard Department of Economics, professor at the Warsaw School of Economics. Employee and consultant of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and UNCTAD in Geneva. Economic and commercial counsellor and commercial counsellor – minister plenipotentiary, head of the Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in France (1993-1998). In the years 2002-2006, he was a general counsellor at the Ministry of Finance. Member of the Economic Policy Committee of the Council of the European Union (2003-2006). From 1999, professor at Vistula University.

In the years 2014-2017, dean of the Faculty of Business and International Relations of Vistula University, director of the Institute of Economic Research of the Faculty of Biology and Social Sciences and Humanities. Tutor of the doctoral seminar in the discipline of Economics and Finance. His scientific research comprises the theory and policy of international trade, finance, globalization, economic policy as well as regional economic and financial integration.

Since 2004, he has been a member of the “Polska 2000 Plus” Forecasting Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and since 2019 a member of the Presidium of this committee. He participates in research and publications of the “Forum Myśli Strategicznej” (Strategic Thought Forum) of the Polish Economic Society (PTE) and the Forecasting Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, affiliated with Vistula University. Author of numerous scientific publications in the field of economics, finance and international relations.

Teaching/research interests:

  • Economic development and economic policy of Poland and prospects for sustainable development
  • Opportunities and threats for the sustainable development of Poland in the era of a new wave of innovation and global changes
  • The EU and the eurozone in a changing global environment
  • Economic and financial risk management on a micro- and macroeconomic scale
  • Financial Mathematics and Investment Portfolio
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