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European Centre E-Training in Green Jobs – PROGREEN

Vistula University is a partner of the European Centre E-Training in Green Jobs project – PROGREEN

One of the objectives of the European Union’s strategy for growth and employment Europe 2020 is development through innovation and the increase of green competences. The Community economy suffers from their deficits, which limits productivity and competitiveness, and thus the opportunities and chances offered by the development of the green economy.

Green Professions currently belong to the most attractive ones on the European labour market. By 2030, Europe will need over 400,000 employees in the green jobs sector. Eco changes affect the entire continent.

The main goal of the PROGREEN project is to increase access to training and vocational courses that will develop skills and raise awareness and competence in the field of green jobs. The project lasts 24 months and is implemented by six partners from three countries: Poland, Italy and Portugal. Its goal will be achieved by providing permanent access to vocational education and training in the field of green jobs.

The program includes creation of an educational platform: the European Centre E-Training in Green Jobs, available in four language versions: Polish, English, Italian and Portuguese. It will provide short educational courses: Eco-educator, Advisor on the implementation of green solutions, Designer of ecological sewage treatment plants, Healthy food manufacturer, Manufacturer – herb collector, Installer of green energy devices, Expert of renewable energy management, Solar collectors installer, Installer of insulation systems construction, Entrepreneur and Initiator.

The development of vocational education and training modules will be preceded by research into the employers’ needs in the area of ​​green jobs and development of expected competence profiles. This will increase the adaptation of training programs to the employers’ needs, and students who complete the online course and pass the exam will have a better chance of finding interesting employment or starting their own business.

The project will result in creating a tool offering an easy way to acquire new competences and skills in the area of ​​the green labour market.

The Platform will allow the participants to complete the course anywhere, anytime, pass the exam remotely and print the certificate.

For more information see the project website: http://progreen.akn.pl/ or on Instagram: https://instagram.com/progreenprojecteu

The PROGREEN project is financed by the ERASMUS + program.
Project lasts until 28.02.2021.

On October the 1st, 2020, Podlaska Natural Station “Narew’ z/s in Bialystok, a partner in the project, organised a conference to disseminate the results of the project ‘PROGREEN’, co-financed by Erasmus+, in collaboration with the Schools Complex in Żychlin, and the Kutno Region Development Agency, titled: ‘A green economy is a fashion or a chance for development and job creation’.

In the conference, on behalf of the Vistula University was represented by two speakers: Dr. Zdzislaw Rapacki and Professor Jan Fazlagić. The topics of their papers were:

’Trends in the development of green economy and green jobs’ – Dr. Zdzisław Rapacki

‘Is eco-education an opportunity for the development of entrepreneurship in the area of green jobs, and what benefits does it create for the economy and the climate?’ – Prof. Jan Fazlagić

The aim of the conference was to disseminate knowledge about the project ‘European Centre E-Training in Green Jobs ‘PROGREEN’, co-financed from the Erasmus+ programme.

During the event, the participants had the opportunity to learn about trends in the development of the green economy, the benefits of on-line self-learning in this field, the new educational offer, which was developed within the ‘PROGREEN’ project, the functionalities of the PROGREEN educational platform, which offers training in four language versions, and is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

The PROGREEN platform offers education, according to the modules: Eco-educator, Adviser for the implementation of green solutions; Designer of ecological wastewater treatment plants; Producer of healthy food; Producer-gatherer of herbs; Installer of green energy devices; Renewable energy management expert; Installer of solar collectors; Installer of the construction of insulation systems; Entrepreneur, and Initiator.

The conference was also an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with the creators of innovative solutions in the fields of increasing knowledge and competence in the area of the green economy, and to share their ideas and benefit from the developed solutions.

The conference was organised under media patronage:

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We invite you to watch highlights from the conference: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=765580114001230 

On the PROGREEN platform you will find educational materials to improve skills and competencies in the area of environmental education and in the area of key competencies, such as Eco-educator, Advisor for implementation of green solutions, Designer of domestic sewage treatment plants, Producer of healthy food, Producer-gatherer of herbs, Installer of green energy devices, Renewable energy management expert, Installer of solar collectors, Installer of construction of insulation systems, Initiative and Entrepreneurship.

The development of educational materials was preceded by research on the competence needs of employers in the area of green jobs and the development of competence profiles. Such a project design makes the training programs are tailored to the actual needs of employers, green economy, entrepreneurship development. Please log on to the platform: https://elearning.progreenproject.eu/

After logging in there will be an automatic registration mechanism available, please enter the data for registration. After the registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you can use the PROGREEN platform. In addition, you can download all the training materials that were created during the project in four language versions – the links are below:

Polish version-> download PL

English version-> download ENG

Italian version-> download IT

Portuguese version-> download PT

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