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Workshop. Towards better & more secure world

Start: Fri, 05 Jun 2015, 16:30

Political and economic cooperation, local conflicts and their impact on the world’s peace, environment and the need to limit the pollution, other issues aimed at increasing security – these are the topics of IR workshop for students. We meet on May 6th, 2015 at 4.30 PM, at Vistula University, Aula IV.  

Participants will represent countries /real as e.g. Ukraine, Poland, Latvia or not real, as eg. Baltic Republic or Alpine Empire, or Danubian Kingdom/ and will sit behind the plates with the names of their countries. Delegation of each country may count from one to three persons. We will use our real names and invented titles: Minister of Foreign Affairs,  Minister of Economy, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs/Economy and Ambassador.

Each delegation will notify /inform in written form/ the Secretariat of the Conference about the composition of the delegation. E.g.: The delegation of The Alpine Empire is composed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr./Ms…………. and Ambassador Mr./Ms. ….………………

Agenda of the conference:

election of the chairperson;
election of the deputy chairpersons;
election of the rapporteur;
address of the UN Secretary General;
plenary session; /speeches no longer than 5’/;
resumption of the conference by the rapporteur;
presentation of the draft resolution by the rapporteur;
adoption of the draft resolution /by consensus or vote/;
explanation of vote;
deciding about the place and date of the next conference.
sorting out the placement of countries during the next conference;
closing of the conference. 

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