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“Triumf” is the best film of the Vistula International Film Festival

The winner of the 5th Vistula International Film Festival is “Triumph” made by production group Kronikarze: Juliya Sandaliuk, Yeva Lakizo, Krzysztof Wilczyński, Lika Prokopenko.

The winning film is a story of a young boy who developed cancer when he was a teenager, which dramatically changed his life perspective. The disease took away his most important years, but he did not give up. The film is a moving story about strength, hope and determination.

During the festival, 11 short documentaries were shown. Students of Journalism and Communication completed them as part of the Television Workshop conducted by Marcin Antosiewicz.

– This event is our joint celebration of short films that show a great spirit – said Professor Wawrzyniec Konarski, Rector of Vistula University. All the films shown prove the students’ high empathy and creativity. They found fantastic human stories and told them with great passion, sharing their feelings.

Marcin Antosiewicz teaches his students how to frame, edit and write text. He teaches them the language of television, but he always emphasizes that the key thing in journalism is the story and its hero.

The films were created by production groups as a team effort. There were sleepless nights and hard work, but the result was exciting. The authors of the documentaries and their relatives who were at the festival did not hide their great pride.

The heroes of the films struggle with various problems – lack of money, illness, depression, or loneliness, they also suffer from the war in Ukraine. However, they clearly show that we should never give up. We can cope even in the most difficult situations. After all, the light always comes after the darkest time.

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