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The Vistula Universities help Australia bushfire victims

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The Vistula University and the Vistula School of Hospitality join in helping Australia in flames. A fund-raising is underway among students and staff, to support WWF Australia. Everyone who enrols now to study at Vistula will also have their contribution in saving koalas and other Australian animals.

As a result of apocalyptic bushfires in Australia, more than 1.25 billion animals have already died. Over 10 million hectares of land have burned, and this is not the end, the fires can last even up to March, bringing pain and suffering.

Animals that managed to save from flames and those who lost their shelter in fires need immediate help. Everyone should be sensitive in the face of such a tragedy. The fund-raising among students and employees at Vistula Universities is underway. The money will top-up the account of WWF-Australia. Everyone who enrols at Vistula will also help rebuild forests and destroyed habitats of koalas, kangaroos and other animals. Every 100 PLN from their tuition fee will transfer to Australia.

Admission to the summer semester at Vistula Universities is running. New students will join our multicultural community, which has over 7 000 people from 100 countries. These are countries that, like Australia, are struggling with climate changes. Temperature rise is a problem for all of us. So, we need wisdom, empathy and solidarity. There is only one Earth.

Link to the verified fundraising by WWF-Australia: https://www.facebook.com/donate/577898179456421/

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