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The Management Bachelor’s programme at Vistula University has been awarded the PMI GAC accreditation

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The Management Bachelor’s programme at Vistula University has been awarded by the PMI Global Accreditation Centre for Project Management Education Programmes (GAC). The “Project management in the organisation” specialisation received valuable PMI GAC accreditation. It is a certificate reflecting high-quality education in the field of project management.

Vistula – the highest standards of education
PMI GAC’s accreditation is proof, that the “Project management in the organisation” programme has been thoroughly evaluated, and its scale, scope, and quality, meet comprehensive global accreditation standards. It shows the university’s deep commitment to continuous assessment and improvement of the quality of education in this area. There are only 9 accredited programmes in Europe – all at the “master’s” level. Vistula University is the first in Poland and Europe to receive accreditation for the 1st-degree bachelor’s programme.

PMI GAC accreditation – benefits for Vistula students
PMI GAC is the world’s leading, independent, specialised institution accrediting programmes in project management education – under-graduate, graduate, post-graduate and doctoral – offered by universities around the world. PMI GAC’s mission is to constantly improve the quality of education. The main goal is to ensure that accredited programmes prepare qualified specialists for work. Accreditation provides access to the latest knowledge and teaching materials in the field of project management. It opens the possibility of close co-operation with the best business universities educating in this area – at the level of student and staff exchange, as well as the development of the programme and teaching materials. It is also a distinguishing element among universities and education-oriented programmes in the field of project management.

Project management – specialist knowledge desired on the market
Project management is a process, during which, the person managing the project plans, implements the set goals within a specified time. The idea is to do it as wisely, and as rationally, as possible, eliminating chaos, and avoiding unnecessary costs. Knowledge in this area is increasingly desirable. Almost every organisation needs a design approach today. The market position and each company’s success depends on it.

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