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Student Assistant of an Academic Teacher

Vistula University has launched a new programme called ’Student Assistant of Academic Teachers’ (SANA). The aim is, inter alia, increasing the motivation to learn, supporting especially gifted students, and providing them with new development opportunities.

The programme is aimed at outstanding students, with an average grade of at least 4.2.
Recruitment takes place twice a year: until June the 30th and December the 15th.

The idea behind ​​the project is to strengthen the student research environment, increase the involvement of students in research and teaching activities, promote the community dimension of the university, and prepare students to undertake research and teaching work in their professional lives.

Students who have passed all their subjects, actively participate in the life of the university, are able to present a recommendation from a Vistula academic teacher, and a certificate of foreign language proficiency, in which they will perform SANA duties at a level of at least B2, may apply for the programme.

The terms of the SANA functions, consists of two stages, each of which lasts two semesters. A person who successfully completes the first stage, may receive a special scholarship.

A student who successfully completes the SANA functions receives the appropriate entry in the Diploma Supplement. There is also the opportunity to participate, free of charge, in international conferences and seminars. He/She also obtains additional recommendations in the process of applying for the Rector’s and Minister’s scholarships, and for a PhD scholarship.

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