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Nowy międzynarodowy program kształcenia na kierunku Turystyka i Rekreacja – studia II stopnia

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The aim of the project is to develop and implement a new international curriculum for the Tourism and Recreation programme, as well as improving the accessibility of innovative knowledge, which serves to elevate competencies to a level which meets the needs of the economy, job market, and society.

The new international curriculum for Tourism and Recreation has been designed, based on leading European and global curricula, in collaboration with our international tourism and recreation teaching faculty. The project encompasses the above-mentioned programme exclusively (one study cycle of 2 years) and will be implemented entirely in English.

Starting in October, our internationalised Tourism and Recreation programme offers four managerial sub-majors: hotel management, event management, sports management, and gastronomy management. These elements have each been developed in collaboration with an international teaching faculty, in accordance with the latest trends in higher education. Our faculty members include Dr. Christos Anagnostopoulos of Molde University College in Norway, and Dr. Alana K. Dillette of San Diego State University.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, students of the internationalised Tourism and Recreation project will participate in two summer schools. A number of those internship programmes include scholarships covering tuition or the costs of living.

The project provides for 40 students: 30 foreign and 10 Polish. The group will be comprised of 50% women and 50% men.

More information is available at the Admissions section. Call us at: 22 45 72 400, or e-mail us at: rekrutacja@vistula.edu.pl

Admission criteria:

  1. basic university admission criteria,
  2. candidate’s level of motivation to improve his/her competencies in the new programme
  3. (1–5 pts),
  4. grade point average (1–5 pts),
  5. developmental activities in which the candidate has participated (additional training
  6. programmes/courses in the previous year, voluntary service, social activism, etc. – max. 5 pts – 0.5 pts for each activity), family income per person converted to PLN, in relation to the average wage in the corporate sector in Poland (formula: number of points = (100-percentage%)/20).

Decisions regarding admissions (based on the documents submitted and an interview) are made by the Admissions Committee:

  1. Associate Professor, Jolanta Żyśko – Rector
  2. Krzysztof Celuch, PhD – Vice- Rector
  3. Associate Professor, Teresa Skalska – Dean
  4. Magdalena Markiewicz
  5. Kazimierz Waluch, PhD
  6. Dariusz Dąbek
  7. Edyta Niemyjska-Czech

Admission decisions will be issued in late September.


As part of the English Inter-Tour (4 sub-majors) full-time programme in English (EUR 2,300 for EU candidates/EUR 3,000 for non-EU candidates)

Students pay the tuition and admission fees.

Summer school: classes on Polish culture, life, and the economy. Intensive Polish language course, free of charge.

The 15 least privileged foreign students may apply for needs-based financial scholarships
(9 months x 2 years) to the amount of PLN 1,500 for living expenses.

For 2 Polish students, who meet the above-mentioned criteria, a financial scholarship covering the tuition fee is available. These are needs-based scholarships – the deciding factor is family income per person.

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