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May the 11th is coming. We invite you to the 23rd Science Picnic “We and the machine”.

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May the 11th is coming. We invite you to the 23rd Science Picnic: “We and the machine”. Join us.
Science demonstrations, experiments, learning, and playing – a lot of attractions are waiting for you. The 23rd Science Picnic organised by the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre, under the slogan: “We and the Machines” will take place on May the 11th at the “PGE Narodowy” Stadium in Warsaw. It is the largest one-day outdoor event in Europe, promoting science and new technologies.

We will be there, too. The Vistula School of Hospitality (formerly, the Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management) invites you to its stand – G04 in the gallery.

Our lecturers and students will demonstrate that a human is the most perfect machine. However, this machine needs physical activity, to act long and efficiently. Exercise is an essential element of health, and a good force for health in every human being.

Let’s enjoy the exercise
Even simple recreational activities have an excellent effect on our health. So, we will invite participants to a game picnic, using a golf disc robot. Such fun shapes agility and co-ordination and integrates players. Everyone can take part – regardless of technical skills, physical fitness, or age.

Improving physical fitness using machines
Measuring physical activity and body composition was once the domain of specialists. Today, we can do it ourselves. At the event, the Vistula School of Hospitality will present a cycle and rowing cyclometer. Everyone will be able to check their efficiency, and measure the basic physiological parameters. It will also be possible to examine body composition, using the impedance balance.

May the 11th, 2019, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, “PGE Narodowy” Stadium in Warsaw, stand G04.

Admission is free

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