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Master your selling techniques – free training

It is said that the best salespeople can sell even sand in the desert. So how you may become efficient in selling? What are the most effective techniques? Learn from the best. Join the meeting with New Business Developer at Funmedia company – Paweł Czerwony, on 11th December 2014 at 4.30 p.m. in room 114. Admission free.

The meeting with Funmedia is a part of Globalizer project, which is to help foreign students in their future professional career. You will learn how to become a country manager in a fast growing company. Paweł Czerwony will make a presentation about Funmedia: it’s business activities, products, general techniques of sales and specific techniques, which apply to company’s products.

You will get information how to start cooperation with the company in the framework of Globalizer project. If you start cooperation with Funmedia, you will join further workshops:

Culture of business communication (mailing, behavior, ect.)
Business development. Introduction to business life and principles of business life
Marketing research

Finally, after completion all the workshops, you will get a project participant certificate. The best and the most engaged students may be offered a job of country manager at Funmedia.

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