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Linguistic competition: ‘Translators for e-start’

This coming Friday, December the 9th, the final of the 10th Linguistic Competition, ‘Translators for e-start’, will take place. The competition is prepared by the Skrivanek Translation Agency. Prizes await the winners. 

The competition is open to students of English, German, and related faculties, who wish to improve their translation skills. The aim is to encourage them to improve their language skills and translation qualifications, facilitate entry into the labour market, learn about the specificity of business translations from various industries, and better prepare for later work on real orders.

The competition takes place, remotely, in two stages. Participants translate in a free on-line programme, established by the organiser. It is forbidden to use machine translation engines, such as Google Translate, DeePL, or similar.

The Scrivanek agency knows the translation market very well. The competition always selects utility texts that require knowledge of the business language, imitating those most often provided by clients for translation.

The main prize is a 3-month paid, remote internship at the Skrivanek Agency. The participants will receive real translation orders, and their works will be assessed by a supervisor. Apprentices will be kept informed about their work and progress. This form of training allows you to quickly get into the work of a freelance translator, and learn about how a professional translation agency operates.

We invite you to participate in the next editions of the event.

Vistula University is a partner of the Linguistic Contest: ‘Translators for e-start’.

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