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International Conference

On 4-5th December Vistula University turned into a center of debates regarding science and business cooperation and education in the energy sector. During the conference, Intellectual capital and education, speeches were given by, among others, prof. John Green/University of Cambridge and Dr. Windham Loopesco/University of Colorado.

– All over the world there are great investments made in the system of education and intellectual capital. The private and public sector have to deal with problems that did not exist 20 or 10 years ago, such as overload by informations or a shortage of new ideas for business development – emphasizes prof. Jan Fazlagić, the organizer of the conference at the Academy of Finance and Business Vistula.

How to meet these challenges? How to manage the intellectual capital in the company, university or school, how the university can work with business, how to manage with the researches results, how commercialize the knowledge? Prof. John Green shared with the audience their experience in this area. Under his leadership, Queen’s College at the University of Cambridge climbed the ranking lists.

Dr. Windham Loopesco from the University of Colorado in Denver focused on the latest trends in the management of intellectual property and the possibilities of their use in the energy industry. He also spoke about alternative sources of energy and “green” technologies.

Another personality of the conference was Alan MacLachlan – founder of the US company – starting from zero reached more than 10 million $ in global sales. Maclachlan told about distance training of employees, methods to strengthen teamwork, leadership and sales training.

Professor Jan Fazlagić presented the results of his latest report on the demand for “green” jobs and training needs related to the “green” economy in Hungary, Italy, Poland and Portugal.

Summing up, during the conference, were given 34 speeches prepared by Polish and foreign experts. In addition, plenary sessions were held, debates and workshops conducted by experts from Austria, Great Britain, India, Italy, and Polish.

The organizer of the Intellectual Capital and Education conference was Vistula University.

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