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Hello future. Winter recruitment in Vistula Group of Universities

Studies in business economics, tourism and hospitality management, architecture and urbanism in English, or maybe mobile education? VISTULA Group of Universities is beginning winter recruitment. Candidates can choose from a wide range of I and II degree studies as well as postgraduate studies. And take advantage of discounts depending on the date of submitting the application.

“HELLO FUTURE!” – is the motto of the VISTULA Group of Universities, comprised of: The Academy of Finance and Business in Warsaw, Warsaw School of Tourism and Recreation and The University of Business in Wroclaw. A good start for the future ensures students a wide range of education for candidates starting study in February 2016, with student-teacher partner relationships, an emphasis on flexibility, creativity, entrepreneurship and social skills of graduates and the internationalization of the University, including not only academic, but also a multicultural curriculum integrated with international trends.

During winter recruitment, universities in Warsaw forming part of the VISTULA Group of Universities – AFiB Vistula and SGTiR – invite candidates for a Bachelor’s and Master’s complementary degree in economic and business fields: Economics, Finance and Accounting, International Relations and Management. In the summer semester I and II degree studies will be launched in: Tourism and Recreation, Dietetics, and also studies in Architecture and Urbanism in English.

For those who work and those who prefer individual self-study, AFiB Vistula has prepared a mobile study offer. They can held on a 60/40 basis using the m-Vistula system: 60% of the classes are to be done on your own computer and 40% at the University. Starting from the summer semester, candidates can start Mobile I and II degree in Economics, Finance and Accounting and Management.

For those with an undergraduate, engineering or graduate degree, the summer semester is a good time to update a diploma. Postgraduate studies in AFiB Vistula –based on the practical application of knowledge and cooperation with business– include a wide range of studies desired by employers. Currently the University is recruiting for the following studies: HR Manager, Chartered Insurance Broker and Reinsurance Broker, Real Estate Assessment, Audit and lnternal Control in Administration and Economy, Qualified Risk Management Specialist and Negotiation and Mediation in Civil Cases. Registration for postgraduate studies are underway and end 20 February 2016. Classes will start at the beginning of March 2016.

Candidates for study in AFiB Vistula and SGTiR can take advantage of am exemption from the entry fee if they submit their applications by the end of January 2016 and, in the case of second degree studie in AFiBV, by 10 February. What’s more, both universities offer 10-25% off of the semester or annual tuition fee, depending on the field, level and the time limit for applications.

Additional information on degree courses, recruitment and promotions can be found on the following websites: www.rekrutacja.www.vistula.edu.pl and www.sgtir.edu.pl

In December 2015 AFiB Vistula obtained membership in the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) based in Brussels. The Organization includes over 850 institutions and more than 25,000 experts from academia, business and public administration. EFMD is recognized around the world as the accreditation body ensuring quality in management education, granting EQUIS accreditation and EPAS.

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